Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Hot: THE TUSS

Nothing like glitchy electronica! I'm all about The Tuss right now. Rumors reveal that The Tuss is 95% likely to be the Aphex Twin. Brilliant, I love me some Richard D James and anything associated with the man. One of the few artists I really really really want to see live and have never seen.

So the wikipedia genie seems to reveal that The Tuss (wiki) is really the Aphex Twin due to the use of the Yamaha GX1 (wiki) which was originally debuted in 1973 and there are only 10 of them in the world, costing $60,000 each (if you can find one for sale). Not to mention the Yamaha is a few hundred pounds. Get your glitch on, via Rephlex Records (Aphex's very own label) with the "Rushup Edge" CD/Vinyl.