Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh No

50 Cent, what happened? Who are you? I remember you coming into the Interscope offices all happy and nice and shit. You and my girl shared the love of Queens New York, and it was so nice that you wanted to learn about Soundscan and BDS. Dude, you have CRED! So what you talked to the cops and was on Oprah, no need to go nuts, when you sell millions of records you lose all cred and become a victim of society. Just chill out a bit and stay focused.

So this was news to me. Dissing my old boss (indirect obviously), Jimmy Iovine. Not too crazy because A) Jimmy does care and B) Jimmy won't kill you, he will just stop releasing your albums and keep you under contract and make sure nobody signs you once you are dropped and you can go hang out with Can-I-Bus. He has Robin Thicke now, he doesn't need you. And just like Eminem's D-12, your G-Unit doesn't sell too well and they can't seem to keep themselves out of jail, shit, destined to be dropped anyway.

Here is a link from Rawkus from somebody else with an MP3 of "South Side" 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo (Irv Gotti and Jimmy Iovine dis). Good luck with your career buddy! or click here

Why would I not blog for a few weeks then blog this...what the fuck, i'm bummed on 50 and i dont even like rap.