Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Crush...

I am a movie guy, I will always sit down and watch a movie if it grabs me, even if it's dumb. For the longest time I would get interested in about 85% of the comedies out there (excluding childrens ones), and any movie somebody said was good, I would check it out. And that is where my problem began, I kept watching and renting dumb movies. What a bummer.

As I like foreign films a lot and the films that come to the indie movie houses around Santa Monica, I always feel like i'm playing eternal catch-up. So many good movies that are here today, then gone tomorrow. That is the gift of netflix and the fact that the turnaround from arthouse to dvd is quite quick. I have seen some lovely indie films locally as of recent like The Lives Of Others (wiki) and Who Killed The Electric Car? to name a few.

My search for good movies landed me on the Criterion Collection web page which made me very happy. Restoring classic arthouse foreign films is a great thing, and the collection includes some very important films. One of my favorite films (which I have blogged about) is For All Mankind about the NASA missions to the moon. Recently I blogged about The Battle Of Algiers another great Criterion Collection film. My netflix has been bustling with foreign gems like Port Of Shadows, Fritz Lang's M, and Army Of Shadows.

Absolutely amazing stuff, I highly recommend researching the collection and renting a few whose synobsis you find interesting, you won't be let down.