Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Interpol: Our Love To Admire

First Listen: I like the first track, heard that live twice. The album is a little "choppy" not sure I like this new take on their "direction." Pitchfork is going to take a dump on this album.

Second Listen: What happened to the poppy kind of tunes from the Antics album? I definitely dig the first song, but not into the strings/keys/last tunes.

Third Listen: Hey Carlos R, you love this album, weird? Wait, remember it took a few listens to get into the 2nd album which you didn't like at first?

Fourth Listen: Okay these little buggers are growing on me. I see some good reviews, it's growing. Perhaps Pitchfork is going to love it and not discredit them for signing to a major.

Fifth Listen: "Pioneer of the Falls" (Track 1) is the shit. "Scale" (Track 3) is a winner. I get it, it flows, still not too keen on the latter tracks. The single I skip, neither here nor there.

VERDICT: Interpol is a very good rock band. I had the pleasure of forcefully attending all of their shows after their debut was released as my A+R boss at the time was going after them and attendance was mandatory (on both coasts). I have seen them probably 15 times now...live show has definitely improved...they used to not move ya know. The lead singer will always be a dick, the drummer is amazing, very unique, and who doesn't like Carlos D or Daniel? Recent business developments have further intrigued my interest in the band, so yeah, I am a fan of "Our Love To Admire." It's a solemn album, no pep during the writing periods. The band has also grown "sonically" (horrible music term, but had to) with the addition of some pedals, strings, and more keys. I hope that isn't their Major Label/New major manager jerkfest that says hey you should do this because Interpol needs no guidance...just a stronger radio dept and urban marketing shit. So I give it an A-/89%/4.5/5 Stars/etc.

Go buy the album for fucks sake, I am even though I already have it. Go to Best Buy, first week it will be like $9.99 or some shit.