Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question Posed: Why Aren't Pop Stars Cool Anymore?

I work in Music, and I am constantly evaluating new and unknown artists. In this day and age I am a firm believer that Pop Music is the way to go. It still sells, people like it hence the name popular, and it's nice on the ears.

Frank Sinatra (very good wiki) is credited for being the founder of contemporary pop music. Who doesn't know Sinatra? I have recently delved into the many facets of Sinatra's career and let me tell you it doesn't let you down. His early days, his acting, his Vegas stint, and the "September of his Years," all is pretty top.

So I pose the question, what happened to cool and respectable Pop artists?

I'm not saying that Michael Buble or John Mayer aren't talented, I'm just saying they are not all. Sinatra was pure class, he was talented and he appealed to everbody. He was a ladies man, dudes wanted to bro down with him, and everbody enjoyed his songs. What more can you ask for? Not Much! The pop artists of today only appeal to certain crowds and are hated by others. They sell some records, but not to the potential of an artist the could replicate Sinatra's appeal. Regardless of what music you like, if you hear somebody sing with a phenominal voice, you are impressed. That is the key, recognizing talent is the most important part, the image and style is what defines the rest. Sinatra had wit, style, and an image that will forever remain intact.

The one thing I want to find in my career, the next Sinatra.