Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where You Been Man???

Yeah, I totally suck. My hits are dropping like bummer.
OK, here is what is happening the makes me not post
///busy with the j.o.b.
///really busy with the j.o.b. (see SXSW)
///Radio Perfik with Bobby Alt and friends keeping me really busy
///ADD, nuff said
///just go read Cat Dirt his is better.


- I'm very happy to say that I am involved in the planning of what is going to be a very amazing engagement coming to San Diego in early May with Catdirt (see his blog for tidbits shrouded with mystery). A REAL Festival with a 3500 person capacity that benefits the theatre itself. It's about California (Southern mainly). Possibly 30 acts ranging from tiny local up-and-comers to nationals. Just working on the logistics, more details to follow obviously. Want to play?

-SXSW is in a week, shitballs. Here is who I want to see: A Northern Chorus, The Stooges (woohoo), and uhhh...that is about it. Yeah, that is what happens when you have 15 events going on during the festival...bummer!

-March 22nd Viper Room show. I am putting it on through my gig and it is going to be fun. Check out Viper Room for the details. Street Drum Corps w/ Gents, Goes Cube, Daughters Of Mara, and Foreign Islands. NY vs LA somewhat...good times.

Okay, tune time. Some cute ones...all stuff I'm listening too...hopefully some newbies.

Nouvelle Vague - The Guns Of Brixton (originally by The Clash)
Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love (originally by The Buzzcocks)

Richard Oh of BigStereo got me this album and its pretty unique! Really mellow electro with hautning vocals a la Xiu Xiu or some shit. Listen to the Intro track first, it reminds me of the music from old 80's movies like Risky Business or Gleaming The Cube.
Chromatics - Shining Violence
Chromatics - In The City ...from the album In Shining Violence coming soon

San Diego, represent! THE MUSLIMS!!!
The Muslims - Extinction

And last but not least, after 2 trips to RADIO PERFIK, I have become an even bigger fan of Mike Watt. Here is a tune from his solo album (he also played it live as DOS on RADIO PERFIK, check the blog on the myspace for that).
Mike Watt - Drove Up From Pedro