Thursday, January 04, 2007

UK Buzz Band: The Twang

When I was in Manchester, UK for the In The City music conference, there was one band that was buzzing beyond belief and that was The Twang (myspace). Every A+R weasel was just dying to get into their sold out Academy 3 show. The talk of the town was that this Birmingham band sounds like The Happy Mondays, ok I'm sold. Who doesn't like Shaun Ryder, dude was/is nuts. I passed on the show, because I had tickets to see Manchester City beat Middlesborough! I finally got to go to a Premiership Match, so I was excited beyond belief, fuck some buzz band.

Anyway, this morning on the way to work I was listening to BBC Radio 1 (via Sirius) and sure enough I heard "Either Way" by the Twang. I like this tune, but its like the Happy Mondays minus the drugs (so you are left with basically nothing) deciding they want to sound like Keane. It is a good pop song, I guess I sorta hear the Mondays reference, but whatever, check it out before they invade your indie night in Brooklyn or whatever. They signed to B-Unique I guess, and stonewalled a bunch of majors, I commend them for that.

The Twang - Either Way *blowing up on BBC Radio 1
The Twang - Cloudy Room
The Twang - Wide Awake

Let's see if he has the Shaun Ryder swagger...

Side Note: Chelsea FC are going after my boy Micah Richards (of MCFC duh), but the price tag is 18 million pounds and he is not for sale, HA! I knew that dude was the man, I called it. If I he was an artist that I repped at SESAC then I would be making bank!