Friday, January 05, 2007

The Inconvenient Truth

So I decided to add a "The Inconvinient Truth" counter to my blog, check it out to the right (or if you have a wacky browser, below).
I finally saw the film and I was glad I did. I own a "gas guzzler" which makes me a terrorist! No, not really, but it does make me an asshole! My car has a good year left in it, and once he/she bids farewell, my ass is getting a Civic Hybrid, a Prius Hybrid, or a Camry Hybrid.

///I'm a fan of the enviroment (vegetarian too!)
///I will get over twice as much mileage (450+ miles on a tank of gas, compared to 200!)
///The cars aren't that expensive, and you get a tax break, and save money on gas
///I don't want to be the reason any more troops die in Iraq because of our quest for oil, why do you think our US Army HQ is right next door to the Oil Ministry?

Go rent the movie, buy it, netflix it, steal it, whatever. I would vote for Al Gore for President in 2008, he needs work but at least he has a heartbeat. I dont think there will be a serious candidate out of the Dem ass party that could do any better. The Evil of Two Lessers as it is put. Obama and Hillary aren't going to go anywhere at this point in time, even after the dumb hillbilly we have in office now. Either way, I am afraid of Global Warming, I have mainly lived in LA my whole life where the weather is a constant basic 70 degrees with barely any cold weather or rain and recently things are wacky and I think it has to be what we are doing to our enviroment.

The image below taken December 24, 1968 on Apollo 8 was the first image of it's kind. After the astronauts had passed around the dark side of the moon where they had no communication to the anyone, they saw this, called "Earthrise." According to Mr. Gore, this image launched the Enviromental Movement overnight, and it makes sense to me. We are nothing in this universe. 6.5 billion people on that tiny little blip, check yourselves fools!