Tuesday, January 16, 2007

David Beckham Pt. II

So how can David Beckham be the single most important factor for US Soccer?

Here is my breakdown. People want to see David Beckham. He is a sex symbol, he is a cultural icon, at one time he was a lethal footballer, and still for my money he has the best freekick of anybody. Now also add he and his family are hounded left and right wherever they go by paparazzi to the point where they are bigger than most celebrities. His ability on the field is only a small portion of his importance to MLS and US Soccer (granted he doesn't get injured and never play).

Here are the instant benefits:
///Season Tickets Selling Like Mad ($$$)
///Galaxy had yet to sign an exclusive jersey manufacturer, so obviously the price has just gone up exponentially ($$$)
///World Press Coverage (Including daily LA Times articles, even a whole page dedicated to Soccer!)

So once the buzz dies down a bit, what is Becks going to do? Well, expect a promo tour including a signing that is going to be out of control crazy and I'll probably end up going to that shit (just like the Chelsea one where I waited 5 hours...jersey sits in a bag next to my bed...shit). But more importantly, Becks is going to come into the Galaxy training camp probably a little early as Real Madrid says he can go when he wants, and he is getting bashed by the club so why would he stick around. Galaxy HAS to win, which shouldn't be a problem, they have the capability...what there are only like 5 teams they have to do better than...and if they do that, then they are set on the MLS front. But why will Beckham save US Soccer?

When I look at sport I see a natural progression starting with the "upper-class" usually crickity-ass crackers exclusively playing a sport and creating leagues. Then after time, the sport spreads throughout all communities and walks of life and you have a more well rounded game. I am also going to go out on a limb and say from my personal expierience and observation I have found that white people are not the best at sports and other minorities are more athletic!?!?! Correct me if I'm wrong. I was speaking to a big hip-hop music manager a while back and he said, "Once the hood starts playing Soccer, then the US will start challenging the world." Well that could be true, and the "hood" represents the lower class and once you start having the cliche of the good kid from a shitty neighborhood and shitty family rising above to excel at a sport, well you have gone full cirle. When you look at the Streetball contests and some running backs you can see some of the most gifted athletes in the world, so I hope that one day those same kids will put down a soccer ball and start kicking it around and take the US to the next level. It is the last conquerable sport to the US, everything else the US excels at for the most part. But in Soccer, there is some shame. So back to Beckham. Basically, as I am boring you, i know, i'm busy...this sport will be forced to spread. Beckham will do his darndest and the Galaxy will as well to market the shit out of this guy, and it's such an easy sport to play...get a ball and put it down anywhere...you don't need lines or bases or anything. Fuck America's past-time, Mark Macguire was shooting up when he hit 72 home runs or whatever, and same with that dipshit Barry Bonds. And i'm tired of Iverson's attitude and who will ever forget the Kobe Colorado incident? Ray Lewis the wife beater? I much rather have Joey Barton showing his ass to a bunch of home fans on an away day, and a sport that is not just in America! The Superbowl and the World Series....which only include US (and a few canadian teams). I'm sorry, Champions League Soccer is the best, and if MLS can step up maybe Champions League can go worldwide...it's gotta help political situations as well. Pele was brought to the US in the 70's partly by Kisinger telling Brazil that it will help US relations with the country.

Well, expect this:
///More World Renowned Old Foggies coming to the MLS (see Edgar Davids!, Fat Ronaldo, Figo, and Raul)
///A building buzz up until World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Oh well fuck it, I bought my Galaxy Season tickets today via freESAC and I am stoked to see less empty seats and more inflated prices!

If you want me to continue my rant on why Beckham will save US Soccer, you are invited to a game, and I will blab on about that shit and give you meaningless facts about the game and it's players.

World Cup 2022 is going to be won by team USA! P.S. Edu sucks.