Monday, December 31, 2007


2008, right around the corner. Every year I put together a list of my favorites from the year and some thoughts. Here it is for 2007. All in all I do not think this was a good year for music, especially on the business side. Love to all.

1 Grinderman – Grinderman
When making this list I didn’t expect this, but it’s true. I listened to this album the most in 2007 and I loved it. Albums that came out in 2007 had a lot of frills and bells and whistles it seems. With an industry failing a lot of eyes are on artists creative outputs and there is tons of scrutiny and some hesitation from the creator. In true greatness, this album just kills! The production by Nick Launay is flawless and Nick Cave made an album that is simple, direct, and timeless. This album makes your head bob, your teeth clench, and plants your feet. I reviewed it for defunct Little Radio here, please do read up:

2 Pantha Du Prince – This Bliss
Minimal Techno sounds aggravating, but it’s not. Despite the horrible name of the artist, this album is a great electronic release that is really easy to listen to. It came out of left field for me (Germany), I read a few great reviews, picked up the album and was simply amazed. An album for all occasions with great use of strings and never too abrasive. Trust me, I’m not just embracing it because it is obscure.

3 The Field – From Here We Go Sublime
Same thing goes for the Field as #2, yet The Field received a barrage of amazing press from the get go (most likely due to it’s release on Kompakt). It’s a great minimal album. Stayed in my car’s single-disc CD player for a few months without any complaints as the album flows into itself quite nicely (Note: My Commute Is 5 minutes to work).

4 I’m Not There (Soundtrack)
I love Bob Dylan, nothing beats Bob Dylan for me. So I was hesitant when I got this record because its covers of an artist that is perfect as is. The result, a really great double album. Calexico who I really enjoy are heavily involved in this album as a backing band and the result is wonderful. What I also liked is that most of the songs are lesser known and from a period in which Bob was not too critically acclaimed, yet they are great songs. The standouts are “Dark Eyes” (Iron & Wine/Calexico), “Senor” (Willie Nelson/Calexico), “The Man In The Long Black Coat” (Mark Lanegan), and “Ballad Of A Thin Man” (Stephen Malkmus).

5 El-P – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Wow, I never expected I would dig this. El-P went balls out on this record and enlisted some heavy hitters (Trent Reznor, Mars Volta, Cat Power) to deliver a cornucopia of brutal hits. The album came out right at the beginning of 2007 but held strong all the way. I have the pleasure of working with El-P which you would think would cloud my judgement but the truth is the only stuff of his I really enjoyed before this was his instrumental album. There are some amazing tunes on this album and it deserves praise.

6 Beirut – The Flying Club Cup
Last year, as many others, I fell in love with the sounds of Beirut. The Balkan themed tunes are great and whenever I am flying I decide to put on “Gulag Orkestar.” This album came out on the first day of 2 that I saw them play in Los Angeles and it is good. Not as good as the debut but still strong and luckily still similar. I hope Beirut put out one album a year, that would be nice.

7 Underworld – Oblivion With Bells
When I first heard “Crocodile” (the first single) I loved it but didn’t think the album as whole would hold up. I was wrong, Underworld delivered, this album is a lot of fun and has some great Eno-esque soundscapes placed in there which I love. Yet it still has the driving Underworld signature bump.

8 Justice - Cross
The long awaited debut lived up the MP3’s I downloaded one by one that made up the debut album…wait a minute. I can’t believe this turned into a “thing” I just like that its heavy on the bass and makes you dance. I bought the album the day it came out at Starbucks, that basically sums it up.

9 Dizzee Rascal – Maths & English
I’m not a big hip-hop dude but this album is pretty fierce. I have always liked Dizzee Rascal and this album was solely an import which is just a shame. The album has a great tempo to it and lyrically it’s a step from his past works. Defintely a banger!

10 Bang Gang – Something Wrong
Technically this album was out in 2003, but unveiled in America/UK in 2007. It’s from Iceland and features guest vocalists galore that make up a really great atmospheric mellow pop record. I really liked it and the songs stay with you.

11 The Thrills - Teenager
I took a chance on this album and was pleasantly surprised to the point that I went back and re-bought their previous 2 records (which I had sold)! It’s an honest record which complements a band that has built a nice repertoire of feel good mellow rock albums. A bonus was seeing them at Club NME/Spaceland with good friends and Boddington’s flowing.

12 Jaymay – Autumn Fallin’
Love Jaymay. I have the pleasure of working with her and since she moved to London and signed to Heavenly I didn’t see her much. I was quite happy to get her record in the mail and it was exactly what everybody was hoping for. Dylan-esque songwriting that is honest and brutal. A huge star for the future and just amazing album, the UK is already praising it.

13 Bjork – Volta
On a scale of Bjork fans, I’m far from those fanatic (I know at least 3), but I celebrate the catalog and enjoy her artistry. I like this album a lot, probably because I was lucky enough to score tickets to see her at the Apollo in Harlem (smaller than your local movie theatre) before Coachella and got an advance prior. Live she was great, I really was transfixed on the use of the Lemur mixer and had a great time.

14 Marcus Intalex – FabricLive 35
I’m really glad I am a member of the Fabric First Club, even though I live far from London and have only been to the club once. Reason being is I get Cd’s in the mail monthly from people I have usually never heard of and 1 out of every 5 is great. Marcus Intalex put out an minimal drum ‘n’ bass record, the only drum ‘n’ bass record I have ever liked, and many of my friends who I played the CD for agreed. I was very happy to see that on a recent visit to the Urbis museum in Manchester, UK there was a small installation on Drum ‘N’ Bass and Jungle and it featured a video segment highlighting this FabricLive album and its importance to the genre.

15 Spank Rock – FabricLive 33
To add to my Fabric First input in selection #14, an artist like Spank Rock is a reason I get FabricLive/Fabric CD’s monthly. Although not a huge fan of the group, I know their caliber and this album perfectly comprises some great dance tunes of the year. With cuts from Zongamin, Simian Mobile Disco (Tangerine Dream “Risky Business” Re-Edit), and Uffie among others it was a great party mix.

16 Mark Ronson - Version
I have followed Ronson for a while and really liked the tunes I was hearing off this album as they slowly leaked. It’s a good, fun album, and the LA show was great because of all the nice guest appearances. This year I also experienced Ronson’s club, YoYo in NY and London, met his crew, and had a blast.

17 Peter, Bjorn, And John – Writer’s Block
I downloaded this album on iTunes when it came out in Sweden and really dug it. Then “Young Folks” took off and that was all she wrote. I recently revisited this album and its quite good, so it makes my list. On the live end though they are boring sadly.

18 Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden
Ok, here it is. I’m an Eagles fan, fuck you. I’m pissed they made me go to Wal-Mart though, but it’s cool, I burned this record for all my friends.

19 Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha
I got this album on a whim after hearing rumblings of its greatness and its quite nice. I’m usually not into solo artist dudes, and that should say something about this album. An interesting work and the first I have heard from Mr. Bird.

20 BARR - Summary
By far the weirdest album I heard all year, and probably ever. Almost painful spoken word, but really off the wall. “The Song Is The Single” is a great song, and just really satirically hilarious. I enjoyed playing this album for Carlos and blowing his mind that someone would do this. It’s laughable.

Honorable Mentions sorta:
No Age – Weirdo Rippers Everybody was ALL about this, but the album itself is not that good amazing song-wise….c’mon be honest. What I do give them is that they are the fore-fathers of an LA scene that is finally amongst us. Bands like Abe Vigoda and HEALTH exist now and it’s nice to have creativity close to home.

Alaska In Winter – Dance Party In The Balkans Easily one of the best live shows I saw all year in which Brandon (the only member of the band) filmed himself playing all the parts and added some comic relief as well. Very Beirut (they are buddies) and an album that is finally getting some of the credit it deserves.

Burial – “Archangel” from Untrue Hell of a tune, that is all. The album doesn’t come close to how good this song is.

The Prayers – God Save The Prayers EP Some obvious bias as I work very closely with these guys but I really see them as amazingly talented and had some wonderful times with them this year. Meeting Mark E Smith with them, going to a Man City game, and really enjoying ourselves, can’t beat that.

So like every year I go to many live shows. Most blend into the mid-range level and rarely am I blown away because I see so many bands. I do find it quite important to note when I am blown away though, and that happened a few times this year. Most recently, Jen and I flew to London for vacation and were ecstatic to learn that The Verve was going to be playing the day we landed on their reunion mini-tour. We got tickets in the pre-sale and were stoked. I have to admit though, although I have all 3 Verve albums, I never found myself listening to them that often and couldn’t remember the songs (even though I liked them when I listened to them). Add the fact that we basically landed after an 11 hour flight and went to the O2 Arena, I was pretty woozy. But, when the Verve took the stage and started playing I was blown away. Any jet-lag or travel fatigue was gone and they were amazing. Since then (Dec 13th) I cannot get their great songs out of my head and now know them! I’m looking forward to seeing them at Coachella ’08 (fingers crossed).
A show that took me by surprise was Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl on June 8th. I have seen Morrissey plenty of times over the last few years and only got tickets for this because Jen wanted to go and it was around our birthdays. I wasn’t really excited or anything when we went, I was expecting to hear some songs I liked and that be that. I was wrong, the feeling at the Bowl was electric. The songs he played were amazing and the sound was impeccable. Loud, pitch perfect, and truly amazing. I was intrigued from the first song to the last and that shows me it’s an amazing show.
Lastly, I want to comment on a show I saw by chance at SXSW that took the cake. SXSW ’07 was grueling for me, and quite uneventful by the time it was over. During my running around, I had to go check on the SPIN party at Stubb’s one of the days to make sure my companies banner and swag was out and visible, etc. I walked in to a humming, powerful driving set by the band MEW. From that moment on, I was hooked. I stopped and watched as much of the set as I could and the sound was perfect. I never cared much for the band, I had heard a few tunes and wasn’t into it, but after seeing them live I realized I was missing out. Shortly after SXSW I picked up their record and fell in love all over again. Easily the best sounding live act I saw in ’07 and it was all by chance.

She Wants Revenge Sophmore Slump? I worked on the first record and spent many a time with Justin Warfield and basically kept my opinion of him to myself, well it’s been long enough. The guy is a sham, a fake, a poser, an ass, and way too cocky. I feel bad for Adam 12, he is nice. Their second album sucks and their careers are most likely over, again.

UNKLE I have always been a huge U.N.K.L.E. supporter, and sadly I was really not into their latest album. I was a fan of “Never, Never Land” which most people wrote off as mediocre as it was missing DJ Shadow. This album, is just shit, plain and simple. All the songs are middle of the road and dismal at that. Too bad too, I really wanted to like it.

The Stooges – The Weirdness Love the Stooges but this record sucks.

Managers I work in the music industry and the worst thing this year were all the shitty managers who don’t know a damn thing and have ego’s bigger than anybody. People who just don’t think at all and fuck up so much. Total bummer, hopefully in ’08 all these folks get fired once their respective artists realized how bad they are. Note, if you are a manager and you are reading this well then you are a friend of mine and a GOOD manager.

Geffen Records Wow, what a bummer, in early December Interscope/Universal finally pulled the trigger and laid off what must be 80% of the company. A company I used to work at. The only good thing about it was that most of the “cool” people knew it was coming and are moving on to better things, and the majority of the asshole’s (Ron’s Kids) got let go as well screaming and crying. Talk about ruining a company Mr. Fair, the Klaxons and watered down pop that the kids won’t even swallow, what a bummer. I would say stick to producing but that “touch” seems to have departed as well. Some people belong in studios, others have the charisma, intelligence, and ability to grow a company…obviously, you are lacking some needed qualities.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So I Went To The UK....

...Just got back actually, and you know when something crashes from a great height and hits the ground it bounces up again before bottoming out on the ground. Well the "bounce" was yesterday, and after an 11 and a half hour flight, today I feel like shit. So I'm just going to post pictures and tell the story.

I started off in Manchester, landed after NY for CMJ. Went to the hotel, slept for a few hours then myself and my co-worker/amazing friend Jamie met up with the Prayers boys ( Jamie and I are their parents basically. Here is a photo of the group:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mind you, this is around 4am, and everybody is kinda trashed. Top Deck: Brandon, Joel, Charles, and Andrew. Bottom Deck: Jamie. Setting: Piccadilly Square.

After City won 1-0 over Birmingham we had a nice dinner to celebrate Charles' birthday then we returned to the Midland Hotel to regroup. 3 of the Prayers friends came up from Scunthorpe and we ended up drinking in the 2nd floor lobby for a good 3 hours. After getting booted from the lobby we decided to get more beer and continue on. Mind you, Jamie and myself were pretty tired and pretty sober, but remember it's Chuck's birthday. We were traveling in a pack of nine when the drunkest of the bunch Brandon made friends with some locals and they invited us to a house party outside of Manchester. Great idea, so 9 of us boarded the bus (thanks to my corraling) and we headed out towards Moss Side (THE GHETTO). First house party was a bust, upon coming in (beers in hand!?!?) some local kids wanted to beat the shit out of us. It was a little flat and they had a fuckin techno DJ with 4 turntables (CD) set up...bonkers. So there was ANOTHER house party down the road and 15 minutes later we were there. This party was far better, here is the crowd:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
University Students dancing around. There was also a crazy basement, and a backyard...the house was fucking trashed.

So we rolled in about 6am, that was day 1. Happy Birthday Chuck.

The second day featured The Prayers actually playing a gig at South. We had slept in most of the day and just got some food then went to the venue for the show. It was great, they played well it was a nice touch. After that we went to the famous Roadhouse in Manchester for an ITC show, but we were late and shit had ended 2 hours ago...whoops. The band met a guy who was part of the old Man United firm, had trained with Ricky Hatton, and was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HAMMERED. We called him Gary i think. He threw a "you know what" through a "you know what's" "you know what"....we'll just leave it at that. He passed out and went nuts and we stumbled home smashed and took this picture in the park of the Prayers:

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End Day 2, like not my style

The next day we woke up late (go figure) and Jamie and I split up from the Prayers boys (as they had to soundcheck) and we headed to easily my most favorite museum on the planet, The Urbis. They had an exhibition all about the Hacienda dedicated to the late Tony Wilson which is amazing. We hit the gift shop like a bastard and I picked up some stuff at Virgin, including MOST IMPORTANTLY UK books about soccer that you can't get in the US (because no one cares)! Then we met up with the boys at Curry Mile in Souf Manchester. The show was very very very special for one reason, which I will come to in a minute, but here is the Prayers set photos.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The promoter of the show was a nice guy, but shit was fucked, there were 30 bands on the bill, no fucking backline (which the prayers needed), and no organization. We showed up early and just chilled. Chuck and I got a pizza at a Kebab place...not bad, but there was definitely some anti-white remarks! YES! So I was told to put someone on the list by the name of Mark E Smith, I said...yeah full of it. 30 minutes later, i look outside and who do I see? MARK E SMITH. I posted about him a few blogs ago...serious...NUTSO! I hit up my peeps Schmalz and Jen to spread the news, it was remarkable. Here is a pic to prove it:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now the night was full of Mark E Smith moments that I am not spreading or typing up so if you want to no hit me up otherwise I state this. 1) He was not one bit like I thought he would be. He was really really cool, bought beers all night, and it was really nice. 2) He really liked The Prayers and called them "Brilliant." All the other bands paid homage to the Prayers too who were easily a huge step above the rest. 3) Mark was so cool that he came back into the city centre with us and hung at the hotel until early in the morning, fucking mega. 4) Mark and I spoke about The Fall, Henry Rollins, Tony Wilson, Joy Division, the whole lot....and what he had to say was pretty amazing.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me and Mark E at a Sci-Fi bar he likes. Easily a highlight in my wee life.

The next day we woke up and went to London, but I will have to save all that info for another post....but here are the pics from London:

Keys To London: Runnin with the Ronson camp at YoYo London with Sean Lennon, Daniel Merriweather, Poppy LaFond, and LaCrate. K-West Bar for 20 dollar Vodka Tonics. A Very Famous Artist, Tim Burgess in Camden, Bumping into Geri Haliwell (Spice Girls), Lots of Shoreditch/Hoxton nonsense, and drinking way more than I ever have.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Science Of A Day Off

Columbus Day...who'd a thunk it. People on the west coast don't give a shit, but because my company's owners are in NY, we get the day off. I had no idea, until I heard last week so of course, i'm illy prepared. Here is my plan of events for the day.

Starting Off:
-Woke up, drove Jen to work as I promised because she stayed up late to watch "Hill Street Blues." Achieved: Breakfast/Coffee
-Next up is finishing "City Of Industry" Staring Harvey Keitel and Stephen Dorff as I tivo'd this last night and have never seen it. Obviously never seen it, and it's main appeal is that the "City Of Industry" is a shithole directly east of LA (like inches) and i like "old" movies. 1997 is now considered "old." The film is now grainey! Even 10 years ago crime movies could still have that "far-fetched" aspect in it. These days with Law & Order, CSI, 2020, Forensic Files, and all that hoopla, you gotta be "real" with everything. (As I write, the plot is getting juicy)

Mid-Day (Planned):
-Jiffy Lube: Oil Change, Washer Fluid, etc. This could be anywhere from an hour to 2 hours so I will go to the park across the street (newly "rennovated" Virginia Park and read my book, The Plague by Albert Camus. This park is great because it's new, so its very very flat with no structures to hide behind so dudes can't diddle kids.
-Lunch, probably mexican somewhere quick. Then I gotta stop by Ralph's.

Latter Day:
-Perhaps another movie? I have a full stock of netflix at home, could happen!
-Nap? Still sick, fighting the cold!
-Dinner with Jen and Carlos before...
-Morrissey at the Palladium is the big one. Still sick though, so I hope I can shake this cold and enjoy the show.

Soundtrack for the day:
Calla wiki. I really like Calla, I first heard them when I lived in NY and they released the amazing "Televise" on Arena Rock Recording Co which featured one of the best songs I have heard in my life, "Strangler." Their latest album "Strength In Numbers" I originally shunned because I really didn't like it at first listen. Now i'm working today, to like this album if possible. I loved their 4th release "Collisions" (2005) and it was one of my favorite albums of the year.

That is my day, tranquil and petite, like I like it. Despite popular belief, my job DOES stress me out, so it's nice to take a quiet day by myself.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Summer to Fall

So many little time. I would love to be a professional Marcello in "La Dolce Vita." But alas, a real job beckons so I will have to put that on the back burner.

I'm all about this right now:
-Bryan Adams: Playing this Thursday in town, going to try and make it, the catalog is amazing
-the UK (for so many reasons):
1) Upcoming Trip with The Prayers myspace
2) That trips potential offerings
3) pre-Xmas trip with Jennifer
4) The general love of the place
-Books from French Authors
-MCFC's miraculous run
-Colder Weather
-Turzi (a musical group)
-ING Direct / Orange Savings

I'm not into this right now:
-Alan McGee's tude: Still so fuckin hip...sheesh
-CMJ: really not what it was, or what it should be
-my internet connection
-loud neighbors
-meaningless blogposts (like this one)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's Hot: THE TUSS

Nothing like glitchy electronica! I'm all about The Tuss right now. Rumors reveal that The Tuss is 95% likely to be the Aphex Twin. Brilliant, I love me some Richard D James and anything associated with the man. One of the few artists I really really really want to see live and have never seen.

So the wikipedia genie seems to reveal that The Tuss (wiki) is really the Aphex Twin due to the use of the Yamaha GX1 (wiki) which was originally debuted in 1973 and there are only 10 of them in the world, costing $60,000 each (if you can find one for sale). Not to mention the Yamaha is a few hundred pounds. Get your glitch on, via Rephlex Records (Aphex's very own label) with the "Rushup Edge" CD/Vinyl.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh No

50 Cent, what happened? Who are you? I remember you coming into the Interscope offices all happy and nice and shit. You and my girl shared the love of Queens New York, and it was so nice that you wanted to learn about Soundscan and BDS. Dude, you have CRED! So what you talked to the cops and was on Oprah, no need to go nuts, when you sell millions of records you lose all cred and become a victim of society. Just chill out a bit and stay focused.

So this was news to me. Dissing my old boss (indirect obviously), Jimmy Iovine. Not too crazy because A) Jimmy does care and B) Jimmy won't kill you, he will just stop releasing your albums and keep you under contract and make sure nobody signs you once you are dropped and you can go hang out with Can-I-Bus. He has Robin Thicke now, he doesn't need you. And just like Eminem's D-12, your G-Unit doesn't sell too well and they can't seem to keep themselves out of jail, shit, destined to be dropped anyway.

Here is a link from Rawkus from somebody else with an MP3 of "South Side" 50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo (Irv Gotti and Jimmy Iovine dis). Good luck with your career buddy! or click here

Why would I not blog for a few weeks then blog this...what the fuck, i'm bummed on 50 and i dont even like rap.

Monday, August 13, 2007

So It Goes...

Tony Wilson passed away last week, and I barely had time to let it soak in as I was traveling for work. He was easily one of the most inspirational people in my business, and a person who's hand I always wanted to shake but never did (although being in his presence twice). His business model favored creativity over profit, something easily considered unacceptable today, and at the time he did it. The first pressing on the #1 selling 12 inch of all time, New Order's "Blue Monday" had such expensive packaging that his Factory Records lost money every copy they sold. Where is a man like this today, in a business that is almost entirely comitted to turning a profit whatever the cost. Tony Wilson made art, and was someone I strived to model myself after. Joy Division/New Order, Happy Mondays, Durruti Column, OMD, and so many more all go their start with Tony Wilson at the helm. Factory Records, originally with a 1 page contract written in blood and a numerical release schedule has a catalog that shapes music today. I visit Manchester because of Tony Wilson's love and passion for the North and it's music.

I miss Tony Wilson already, and I long to put on a New Order record and just say "Thank You".

The Independent has an obituary here.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Crush...

I am a movie guy, I will always sit down and watch a movie if it grabs me, even if it's dumb. For the longest time I would get interested in about 85% of the comedies out there (excluding childrens ones), and any movie somebody said was good, I would check it out. And that is where my problem began, I kept watching and renting dumb movies. What a bummer.

As I like foreign films a lot and the films that come to the indie movie houses around Santa Monica, I always feel like i'm playing eternal catch-up. So many good movies that are here today, then gone tomorrow. That is the gift of netflix and the fact that the turnaround from arthouse to dvd is quite quick. I have seen some lovely indie films locally as of recent like The Lives Of Others (wiki) and Who Killed The Electric Car? to name a few.

My search for good movies landed me on the Criterion Collection web page which made me very happy. Restoring classic arthouse foreign films is a great thing, and the collection includes some very important films. One of my favorite films (which I have blogged about) is For All Mankind about the NASA missions to the moon. Recently I blogged about The Battle Of Algiers another great Criterion Collection film. My netflix has been bustling with foreign gems like Port Of Shadows, Fritz Lang's M, and Army Of Shadows.

Absolutely amazing stuff, I highly recommend researching the collection and renting a few whose synobsis you find interesting, you won't be let down.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Movie: Electroma

Like 18k other hooligans, I went to go see Daft Punk perform at the LA Sports Arena recently. It was a great turnout for a great French group that I consider "Electronica for Dummies." After the show I was conversing with my uber daft punk fan friend Cesar who remarked, "I can burn you the "Electroma" dvd if you'd like, I hated it." At first I was like yeah whatever, but then I thought, oh why not, free is free isn't it. A few days later I decided to pop in the movie as I was still vibing off a great show and day (saw Beckham's premier). I knew the movie was going to be slow, and after Interstella 5555 which I thought was a cool 2 hour music video I wasn't expecting to be wowed.

On the contrary, I was wowed. In fact, super wowed. This film is a truly love it or hate it kind of thing, but as I am an artsy movie buff I found it quite interesting. I'd say it's a mix of Kubrick and The Man Who Fell To Earth (which starred David Bowie). As the movie didn't really wow many people and ended up on the midnight circuit in Paris of all places I'm sure the general public doesn't have a clue about this jig. Basically you have 2 robots in a place that is like earth in all ways except everybody are robots. The 2 main characters happen to have the outfits of Daft Punk's stage persona, go figure. They strive to be Human, and for an hour and a half they do that, and that is it. There is absolutely NO DIALOGUE in this film, and the determining factor of emotion is music. Now that is why I love this film, the music supervision is flawless to the T and not one piece of Daft Punk music is used. Brian Eno, Sebastian Tellier, Curtis Mayfield, Chopin, Todd Rungren, and more make up this fascinating soundtrack that by all means sets the tone of the whole movie.

The film was shot in 11 days in Independence, CA a beautifully barren town and desert base of the Sierra Nevadas, 90 miles south of Mammoth. The scenic beauty adds a lot depth to an otherwise easily misinterpretted film. Another realization one must make before viewing this film is that it is slow, scenes drag on for many minutes, the opening scene is 7 minutes of basic driving through the desert, and at the end of the movie things are at a crawl. Daft Punk wanted to make a film their way and by now they should have that right. I commend them for doing what they have done and really not caring about the outcome or critic's point of view. It was the perfect time for me to see this movie, mood and setting were on point, and that lends a lot to my feelings about it. What could essentially be 9 or 10 music video's put together wonderfully tells a simple story of the constant sorrow associated with the stuggle of being like everybody else. The simplicity of the film is a breath of fresh air as so many movies today depend on bad jokes, bad action, bad storylines, and bad stories. Why not embrace a calming experience like "Electroma"?

"Electroma" is out on Vice Records in September (total bummer, piss poor label). For a zipped file of the soundtrack head over here, it's really worth it, bravo to the music supervisor. The last thing I can say is in a world in which we are handfed most of our entertainment (Perez Hilton, TMZ, Transformers) it's nice to see a pair of artists make a film that completely disregards what is expected of entertainment.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bear Grylls: My Hero

Stop Hating On Bear!

Bear Grylls resume is outstanding. British Special Forces puts him in the top percentile of the world of elite human machismos. Climbing Mt. Everest (the youngest englishman), and crossing the frozen sea of the Atlantic puts him in a class of survivalism that only a handful have obtained. So now this controversy is uncovered in which people are stating that on the popular show "Man Vs. Wild" Bear is getting help from consultants and not really sleeping in animal carcasses. People are claiming that this reality TV is not really reality. Wait...go figure...TV not realistic?

Reality itself, is not interesting for 99% of the population. Therefore people have seemed to enjoy watching shows about people whose reality seems to be wild and crazy and more interesting than theirs. The problem with that is the TV producers are spending a lot of money following around a schmo for days and days only to find them grocery shopping or watching TV or whatever. So for the show to continue on, REALITY must be forced and tweaked. These situations usually revolve around a conflict, an altercation, or acts of stupidity. You know you wouldn't watch if it was boring.

So Bear Grylls allegedly doesn't sleep the whole night in a freezing snow cave, or his raft he can't complete by himself. Okay, not cool, but I know from watching the show, that it is TV! Of course there is a "Local Survival Expert" or whatever credited, because Bear isn't going to know about Native American survival techniques without sitting down with somebody from the area and learning it. I love the show "Man Vs. Wild" it is my favorite show on television, why, because it is something that interests me and something I grew up doing on a way lesser scale. I am an Eagle Scout and I was in the Boy Scouts for many years of my early life. I went camping once a month and the most important lessons ("merit badges") I learned from the program was Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, and Wilderness Survival. In a few instances I have used those First Aid techniques in car accidents and mini "disasters" or whatever. I take it all very personally because saving peoples lives is an amazing thing, and there are many situations where a person can do so. Bear Grylls is my hero because he films situations in which the normal person would die or be scared shitless and he walks you through the steps towards making it out alive. He teaches survival techniques on TV and that is a hell of a lot better than watching young girls get drunk and make out like most reality TV. Most "stars" of reality TV are embarrassed (you know you have watched the Real World reunions and they always say that). This is noble television, and I always knew that there is definitely some fudging going on because Bear has an unidentified camera crew and it's REALITY TV.

I have worked in music since I was 15 1/2 years old in which I have truly gone from innocence to experience. On occasions through my career I have seen payola take place, interns forging stars autographs, discussions about the use of auto-tune on a record, and many more "behind the scenes" bullshit that the consumer and common man would shun. It is also such common knowledge of the use of "Ghost Writers" that it has become completely acceptable, nobility is out the fucking window at the first hint in the Entertainment Industry. A "Ghost Writer" is employed when a songwriter or producer has gotten to the point of fame where he is too lazy/lost his touch and hires up and coming creative songwriters/producers to write his shit for him to put his name on. This is never mentioned in articles or liner notes, but it happens with almost all mega-stars and nobody bats a lash. Even now a days due to some discovery or partial morality these ghost writers get a small percentage of the hit songs they wrote but the press still hails the big name attached to it. The exact same filthy techniques are employed in all television, especially reality tv!

What the "bewildered herd" doesn't know, doesn't hurt them. The NY Post who is infamous for slander and uncovering bullshit about anything of course goes to town on this. In my mind Bear has earned enough respect through his unfilmed acts of survival and human drama to be able to film a show in which things are setup and facts are withheld, it's called television. I dont know about you, but when I saw Bear drink his own piss, bite the head off a snake in which he eats, and eat a fish that came straight out of a river raw I squirmed. That type of TV is good TV because in that situation who knows what we would do to survive. It's not like he doesn't show himself skinning a dead animal for it's hide so he doesn't freeze, there is no stunt double around. Along with that "drama" I have also seen a man explain how to use the sun, moss, and small icicles as a compass which uncovers one of the most important parts of survival, finding your direction a la North, South, East and West. Finding a water source in the desert, building a snowcave (which is basically the only way to survive when in a barren snowy region), or the proper feet first method when you are in the rapids without a boat/canoe/raft is all very useful information. My Boy Scout experience has touched on these things and I'm glad that the masses enjoy watching this stuff and hopefully learning a bit. Who knew all snakes are edible as long as you don't eat the guts or head?!?! I will also state that not all boy scouts are angels. I am a very proud Eagle Scout and I'll admit I spent many nights out in the wilderness drinking beers with fellow boy scouts at an early age (along with other contraband). Oh the shock, oh the horror!

The fact of the matter is that all TV is manufactured in the "Wizard of Oz" type way. Behind the scenes a lot of bullshit goes down and until recent years it was all unknown to the general public. "The Day of the Locust" depicted true Hollywood in 1939 and it was a huge success because people were intrigued that those involved in amazing movies were treated like shit, poor, and miserable. Entertainment is only entertaining if you are intrigued and if it's something you dont know much about. The public's desire for dramatic entertainment has cost people their dignity. In my eyes Bear Grylls will always be a hero, and I don't mind if not every aspect of his show is him absolutely cut-off from human contact because in the one hour show the lessons learned and the entertainment value is much more valuable. A man like Bear Grylls has already earned his credibility, let the ghosts of entertainment do what they do so we can continue to enjoy "Man Vs. Wild."

Monday, July 16, 2007

You Know You Live In Los Angeles When...

...Diamond Dallas Page teaches your yoga class.

Now my life is complete! I grew up watching WCW, I know what the Diamond Cutter is. The class was not easy, I was sweating like a dog and dang I'm sore tonight. It's not bogus, and the stretches were very nice. Check out his site, aka Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals. Looking forward to going time Radio Perfik is cancelled.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Recent Development!

Mark E Smith: Douchebag Extraordinaire

I wrote off Mark E Smith (wiki)/the Fall (wiki) a few years ago. Mark E is a douchebag, and I found the music too discombobulated for my taste....especially when on a classic Manchester kick. I got the old school "A Sides" album but it never really grabbed me. Finally I tried again and bought "50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong: 39 Golden Greats" and sat on that for a bit. A few weeks back I was feeling a little giddy so I found the double album in my office and popped it on. For some reason it stuck with me, and I am now really getting into it. I'm discombobulated and it's perfect. Looking forward to the next time the Fall plays the Knitting Factory (yearly I believe) as I will definitely attend.

Here are two of the newer tracks on the "...Greats" album, who'd a think a dude who has released like 90 albums would still pump it out.

The Fall - Green Eyed Loco-Man (2003)
The Fall - Crop-Dust (2001)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bummer ALERT!


"I bought the new Justice album at Starbucks!"

Yes, it is true, now that Tower Records has croaked, and Penny Lane is dead, there is only one music store on the Promenade....HEAR Music aka STARBUCKS. "Baristas" sell me music...yeah whatever. Tuesdays = new releases day, so I make my way over to HEAR every now and then to get up to speed.

Yesterday included the following:

Justice - (Cross): Had all the tracks already, whoops, but hey, gotta support my French Electro!

Gogol Bordello - Super Taranta!: You can't beat this, and ever since Eugene Hutz did an amazing job acting in "Everything Is Illuminated" I'm an even bigger fan. First listen shows a lot of promise, produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Billy Bragg).

Interpol - Our Love To Admire: See below...Artwork is minimal!

Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye: First listen, this album has more vocals, still sleepy, it had a "Brian Eno" reference so of course I checked it out, but what I always find is that those references are rarely true!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Interpol: Our Love To Admire

First Listen: I like the first track, heard that live twice. The album is a little "choppy" not sure I like this new take on their "direction." Pitchfork is going to take a dump on this album.

Second Listen: What happened to the poppy kind of tunes from the Antics album? I definitely dig the first song, but not into the strings/keys/last tunes.

Third Listen: Hey Carlos R, you love this album, weird? Wait, remember it took a few listens to get into the 2nd album which you didn't like at first?

Fourth Listen: Okay these little buggers are growing on me. I see some good reviews, it's growing. Perhaps Pitchfork is going to love it and not discredit them for signing to a major.

Fifth Listen: "Pioneer of the Falls" (Track 1) is the shit. "Scale" (Track 3) is a winner. I get it, it flows, still not too keen on the latter tracks. The single I skip, neither here nor there.

VERDICT: Interpol is a very good rock band. I had the pleasure of forcefully attending all of their shows after their debut was released as my A+R boss at the time was going after them and attendance was mandatory (on both coasts). I have seen them probably 15 times show has definitely improved...they used to not move ya know. The lead singer will always be a dick, the drummer is amazing, very unique, and who doesn't like Carlos D or Daniel? Recent business developments have further intrigued my interest in the band, so yeah, I am a fan of "Our Love To Admire." It's a solemn album, no pep during the writing periods. The band has also grown "sonically" (horrible music term, but had to) with the addition of some pedals, strings, and more keys. I hope that isn't their Major Label/New major manager jerkfest that says hey you should do this because Interpol needs no guidance...just a stronger radio dept and urban marketing shit. So I give it an A-/89%/4.5/5 Stars/etc.

Go buy the album for fucks sake, I am even though I already have it. Go to Best Buy, first week it will be like $9.99 or some shit.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question Posed: Why Aren't Pop Stars Cool Anymore?

I work in Music, and I am constantly evaluating new and unknown artists. In this day and age I am a firm believer that Pop Music is the way to go. It still sells, people like it hence the name popular, and it's nice on the ears.

Frank Sinatra (very good wiki) is credited for being the founder of contemporary pop music. Who doesn't know Sinatra? I have recently delved into the many facets of Sinatra's career and let me tell you it doesn't let you down. His early days, his acting, his Vegas stint, and the "September of his Years," all is pretty top.

So I pose the question, what happened to cool and respectable Pop artists?

I'm not saying that Michael Buble or John Mayer aren't talented, I'm just saying they are not all. Sinatra was pure class, he was talented and he appealed to everbody. He was a ladies man, dudes wanted to bro down with him, and everbody enjoyed his songs. What more can you ask for? Not Much! The pop artists of today only appeal to certain crowds and are hated by others. They sell some records, but not to the potential of an artist the could replicate Sinatra's appeal. Regardless of what music you like, if you hear somebody sing with a phenominal voice, you are impressed. That is the key, recognizing talent is the most important part, the image and style is what defines the rest. Sinatra had wit, style, and an image that will forever remain intact.

The one thing I want to find in my career, the next Sinatra.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100th Post

Yes, it is true, the big 100. Can't believe I made it that far, I remember being just a wee blog racking up a few posts a week dreaming of stardom.....wait, I barely blog, but hey 100!

To celebrate I will leave you with some inspiration:

"It's Better To Fail In Originality, Than Succeed In Imitation."
-Herman Melville

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My "NOT so HOT" List

-Thierry Henry to Barca: WTF? No, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? Not only the best Arsenal player, one of the best EPL players of the last decade! To Barcelona? The SPL is boring, EPL is top tier. Now Aresenal is SCREWED. In 99 (i think) they didn't lose a game, now they are going to lose Wenger and Cesc in the next few weeks and that is that. Ashburton Grove cost them way too much money and so now they need to sell off players to make up for it, bad move. NOT HOT.

-HBO: No Sopranos so what do you got? John From Cleveland, I don't give a shit. Deadwood BORING. Big Love, good but not really feeling it. Entourage, great but getting kind of far fetched now. Bury My Heart At Torn Miniscus, yeah not feeling it (Anna Paquin went to a rival high school of mine and everybody said she was a stuck up bitch). What the hell else does HBO have? Once I get DirecTv HBO is gone, I dont give two shits.

-NO AGE Pitchfork Review/"Hype": PitchforkMedia gave LA Noise Outfit NO AGE's "Weirdo Rippers" an 8.0 and Best New Music. Are you kidding me. I have the album, its sludge, barely songs, sounds like it was recorded at My Asshole Studios and mixed by a deaf guy. Now, I'm not hating too hard because this is the kind of shit I dig (as in listen to it a few times in a span of 3 weeks and then discard yet recommend), but NOBODY is going to like this album who isn't an esoteric music nerd like myself. Pitchfork Media is to The Truth as Jeffrey Dahmer is to a good neighbor.

-NME Magazine: I subscribed for years when I was younger, and recently re-subscribed for SESAC purposes. This magazine suckkkkkks. It's all the same shitty bands with horrible writing, bad reviews and really not much to check out except the ads in the back for shows/festivals. I'll read it every week, but it takes a few tries.

-My Love MAN CITY: We are really not doing too well right now. New takeover by an exiled Thai Prime Minister who has been asked to return to Thailand to face jail time for Human Rights Violations! Distin walks after contract expires, Barton sold as he is a step away from jail, and now Sven Goran "England Hates Me Because I Can't Coach A National Team" Erikkson to take the hot seat? Kill me please, relegation anyone? There better be some Strikers coming in and some Attacking Midfielders because we haven't signed anybody yet and I'm getting really nervous. Get rid of Corradi, keep Samaras and Vassell. Do not lose Micah Richards, he is the key to the future. I finally pledged all my faith to an EPL team last year and now they are in the shitter, beautiful.

Other Tidbits From A Hater:
-My Shitty Loud Neighbors
-Books over 300 pages long (especially with small print)
-Douchebags in Vegas (basically 80% of the crowd)
-Top Deck at Dodger Stadium For A Dodger Game (I was pretty sure I was going to fall off, steep and old)
-Jason Schmidt of the Dodgers (41 Million for 1 win this year and now he's out for the season...FUCK YOU...More Dodger bad luck with players that used to be good then came to LA..and I don't even care about the Dodgers)

On The Brighter Side...
-Paul Alrgen Books (exactly what I needed right now)
-Pantha Du Prince - This Bliss (album) Once you get past the shitty name, the album is really hot, great minimal techno love
-Jello Biafra Spoken Word Albums (Everytime I'm at Amoeba I check for used Jello Spoken Word and I hit the jackpot this time. 3 Different Albums, 8 discs in all of glorius political angst)
-1 month through EPL's off-season

Friday, June 08, 2007

'alo garcons

My "HOT" list:

-Albert Camus Books (wiki) = L'Etranger (The Stranger), A Happy Death, The Fall, The Plague...
-This led me to a further fascination of Algeria (wiki). I kind of want to visit there on vacation (for a day) now as the first part of The Stranger describes a beautiful setting. Algiers (wiki) is a port town that gets crazy hot in the summer (my fave) and is in Africa where I really want to visit. Slowly planning a trip to France for December (cold setting boo) in which Jen and I will hit Paris, the South of France, and hopefully Algiers or Morocco (as my grandfather said Morocco was the place to go).
-Of course, further current Algerian references: ZIDANE (movie and soundtrack by everlasting idolization), French movie The Battle of Algiers (1966) with music by Ennio Morricone, and other Algerian footballers.

"A Sunny Place For Shady People" - W. Somerset Maugham describing Monte Carlo (an early equivalent to Las Vegas).
-LAS VEGAS! going in a week for the weekend with the whole fam, very excited. Attendees: Myself, Jennifer, Mother, Father, Brother, and Brother's Girlfriend (first time meeting rest of fam). Did you know that the biggest vice of straight-edge peeps is gambling? Staying at the Golden Nugget in the old school downtown Freemont St area. Not a fan of the strip, not worth the $$$ and not classic Vegas at all.
-Actually did a little research on a music job in Vegas, uh oh.
-Further references: Specifically purchased a 3 hour PBS documentary dvd on Vegas (used), growing my Sinatra catalog including the pretty awesome Vegas Box Set (4 CD's and 1 DVD) boo ya. Also a Las Vegas Collection CD and a Dean Martin essentials CD...I actually really like lounge music?!?!? Perhaps, part of my "old-man" demeanor.

BATTLES: Mirrored (Warp Records)
Great Northern - Trading Twilight For Daylight (Eenie Meenie Records)
CocoRosie - The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn (Touch & Go Records)
Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate (Columbia Records)
Massive Attack - 100th Window (Virgin Records)
Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours (Capitol Records)
Beirut - Gulag Orkestra (BaDaBing Records)
Blonde Redhead - 23 (4AD Records)

-Hells Kitchen, Season 3
-Birthday Month/Summertime
-REAL Football in August :( so far away
-Santa Monica Public Library (Always Hot)
-Marta's blog

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


In the spirit of the earth, I wanted to take time out to draw a quote from the book "Pale Blue Dot" by Carl Sagan written 1994
Amazon /// Carl Sagan wiki

The book analyzes our planet, and other planets and how the Apollo program put our view of earth in prespective and the future of the space program.

This quote is taken from a chapter about the prespective of another life form coming across our planet in the solar system and analyzing it over a long period of time...because space is about long periods of time...

"By this point your expedition to the Earth must be considered highly successful. You've characterized the enviroment; you've detected life; you've found manifestations of intelligent beings' you may even have identified the dominant species, the one transfixed with geometry and rectilinearity. Surely this planet is worth a longer and more detailed study. That's why you've now inserted your spacecraft into orbit around the Earth.

Looking down on the planet, you uncover new puzzles. All over the Earth, smokestacks are pouring carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals into the air. So are the dominant beings who run on the roadways. But carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. As you watch, the of it in the atmosphere increases steadily, year after year. The same is true of methane and other greenhouse gases. If this keeps up, the temperature of the planet is going to increase. Spectroscopically, you discover another class of molecules being injected into the air, the chlorofluorocarbons. Not only are they greenhouses gases, but they are also devastatingly effective in destroying the protective ozone layer.

You look more closely at the center of the South American continent, which (as you know by now) is a vast rain forest. Every night you see thousands of fires. In the daytime, you find the region covered with smoke. Over the years, all over the planet, you find less and less forest and more and more scrub desert.

You look down on the large island of Madagascar. The rivers are colored brown, generating a vast stain in the surrounding ocean. This is topsoil being washed out to sea at a rate so high that in another few decades there will be none left. The same thing is happening, you note, at the mouths of rivers all over the planet.
But no topsoil means no agriculture. In another century, what will they eat? What will they breathe? How will they cope with a changing and more dangerous enviroment?

From your orbital perspective, you can see that something has unmistakably gone wrong. The dominant organisms, whoever they are (who have gone to so much trouble to rework the surface) are simultaneously destroying their ozone layer and their forests, eroding their topsoil, and performing massive, uncontrolled experiments on the planet's climate. Haven't they noticed what's happening? Are they oblivious to their fate? Are they unable to work together on behalf of the enviroment that sustains them all?

Perhaps, you think, it's time to reassess the conjecture that there's intelligent life on Earth."


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Where You Been Man???

Yeah, I totally suck. My hits are dropping like bummer.
OK, here is what is happening the makes me not post
///busy with the j.o.b.
///really busy with the j.o.b. (see SXSW)
///Radio Perfik with Bobby Alt and friends keeping me really busy
///ADD, nuff said
///just go read Cat Dirt his is better.


- I'm very happy to say that I am involved in the planning of what is going to be a very amazing engagement coming to San Diego in early May with Catdirt (see his blog for tidbits shrouded with mystery). A REAL Festival with a 3500 person capacity that benefits the theatre itself. It's about California (Southern mainly). Possibly 30 acts ranging from tiny local up-and-comers to nationals. Just working on the logistics, more details to follow obviously. Want to play?

-SXSW is in a week, shitballs. Here is who I want to see: A Northern Chorus, The Stooges (woohoo), and uhhh...that is about it. Yeah, that is what happens when you have 15 events going on during the festival...bummer!

-March 22nd Viper Room show. I am putting it on through my gig and it is going to be fun. Check out Viper Room for the details. Street Drum Corps w/ Gents, Goes Cube, Daughters Of Mara, and Foreign Islands. NY vs LA somewhat...good times.

Okay, tune time. Some cute ones...all stuff I'm listening too...hopefully some newbies.

Nouvelle Vague - The Guns Of Brixton (originally by The Clash)
Nouvelle Vague - Ever Fallen In Love (originally by The Buzzcocks)

Richard Oh of BigStereo got me this album and its pretty unique! Really mellow electro with hautning vocals a la Xiu Xiu or some shit. Listen to the Intro track first, it reminds me of the music from old 80's movies like Risky Business or Gleaming The Cube.
Chromatics - Shining Violence
Chromatics - In The City ...from the album In Shining Violence coming soon

San Diego, represent! THE MUSLIMS!!!
The Muslims - Extinction

And last but not least, after 2 trips to RADIO PERFIK, I have become an even bigger fan of Mike Watt. Here is a tune from his solo album (he also played it live as DOS on RADIO PERFIK, check the blog on the myspace for that).
Mike Watt - Drove Up From Pedro

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wow, it's been a while...

Man, I suck at consistent tasks...I guess it's my Alpha Delta Delta. I have been really busy with RADIO PERFIK, I added a co-host, a good friend (and good talker!), the best drummer I have witnessed, Bobby Alt. We had Mike Watt on the show (ahhhhhhhhhhh) and that went really well. Click here to go to the RADIO PERFIK myspace blog and download the Podcasts.

Here is a tune I have been loving, it's off of Television's second album, Adventure. It is called "Days" and it's a real nice solid track, dig it.

Television - Days

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Love This Song

How are you? Haven't Spoken In A While, My Bad. It's Been Pretty Busy, with this, and that. But hey, here is a song I have been digging for you as a sign that I still care.



Zongamin - Bongo Song

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tim Burgess Radio Perfik Setlist and Podcast

Tim Burgess Podcast Up!

Podcast Link :
or you can just click here

Here is the Setlist for Last Night:

The Stooges - Down On The Street
The Good, The Bad, And The Queen - Herculean
Black Lips - Not A Problem
Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door
Lou Reed - This Magic Moment
John Cale & Terry Riley - The Soul Of Patrick Lee
Love - A House Is Not A Motel
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Weeping Song
New Order - Paradise
A Certain Ratio - Shack Up
Warsaw - Living In The Ice Age
*The Chameleons - Swamp Thing
*Tilly And The Wall - You And I Misbehaving
*Orange Juice - Falling And Laughing
*John Cooper Clarke - I Don't Want To Be Nice
*The Charlatans - N.Y.C. (Weird Science Remix)
The Whip - Muzzle No. 1
Working For A Nuclear Free City - Dead Fingers Talking
*The Hatchaw Social - How Soon Was Then?
*My Bloody Valentine - We Have All The Time In The World
*Guillemots - Trains To Brazil
*Joan As The Police Woman - Eternal Flame
*CSS - Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
*Country Got Soul - Sheldon Church Yard
*The Charlatans - Indian Rope
*Wire - 12XU

*=Tim Burgess Pick

Monday, January 22, 2007


TIM BURGESS (Charlatans) live tonight on RADIO PERFIK ( from 6-8pm PST! Playing some tunes and chatting a bit!

Totally Excited!

Wow Coachella DIDN'T "Jump The Shark"

I was expecting pure bummer after hearing the Headliners (which have all previously headlined at Coachella), but I was pleasantly suprised when I went onto and got the FULL line-up. Not what the Radio Stations have been passing around.

Here is my "MUST" list
1) Happy Mondays
2) Jesus And Mary Chain
3) Roky Erickson and the Explosives
4) Erol Alkan
5) Soulwax
...and now in no particular order:
Justice, DJ Shadow, El-P, Hot Chip, Peter, Bjorn and John, Manu Chao, Kaiser Chiefs, Jose Gonzalez, Junior Boys, and Gogol Bordello
...and just to "see" them because I am curious:
The Kooks, Klaxons, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Good The Bad and The Queen, Cornelius, Lily Allen, Jarvis Cocker, Felix Da Housecat, Digitalism, Tokyo Police Club, Blonde Redhead, , Ghostface Killah, Evil Nine, Spank Rock, and Explosions In The Sky
...avoiding at all costs:
Circa Survive, Against Me!, Tilly And The Wall, and probably Peaches
...will happily enjoy:
The Rapture, the headlining acts, Willie Nelson, Interpol, Travis, LCD Soundsystem, Damien Rice, Placebo, Air, Pharoahe Monch, and Ozomatil

That is my wrap, I'll say that I am very much more enthusiastic this year as last year was a bummer for acts. Most of the acts had played the area recently and there was no special reunions of a cult-esque band.

See you there dudes.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Podcast Up

Go To RADIO PERFIK and check the blog for tracklisting and podcasts for the 1/15/07 show feat. Peter and the Wolf (myspace) LIVE SESSIONS.

It was awesome.
Next Week: Tim Burgess (Charlatans) - Playing Tunes
Week After: Bobby Alt (drummer extraordinaire) - Playing Tunes
Feb 5: The New Motherfuckers (myspace) - Live Session
and much much more...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

David Beckham Pt. II

So how can David Beckham be the single most important factor for US Soccer?

Here is my breakdown. People want to see David Beckham. He is a sex symbol, he is a cultural icon, at one time he was a lethal footballer, and still for my money he has the best freekick of anybody. Now also add he and his family are hounded left and right wherever they go by paparazzi to the point where they are bigger than most celebrities. His ability on the field is only a small portion of his importance to MLS and US Soccer (granted he doesn't get injured and never play).

Here are the instant benefits:
///Season Tickets Selling Like Mad ($$$)
///Galaxy had yet to sign an exclusive jersey manufacturer, so obviously the price has just gone up exponentially ($$$)
///World Press Coverage (Including daily LA Times articles, even a whole page dedicated to Soccer!)

So once the buzz dies down a bit, what is Becks going to do? Well, expect a promo tour including a signing that is going to be out of control crazy and I'll probably end up going to that shit (just like the Chelsea one where I waited 5 hours...jersey sits in a bag next to my bed...shit). But more importantly, Becks is going to come into the Galaxy training camp probably a little early as Real Madrid says he can go when he wants, and he is getting bashed by the club so why would he stick around. Galaxy HAS to win, which shouldn't be a problem, they have the capability...what there are only like 5 teams they have to do better than...and if they do that, then they are set on the MLS front. But why will Beckham save US Soccer?

When I look at sport I see a natural progression starting with the "upper-class" usually crickity-ass crackers exclusively playing a sport and creating leagues. Then after time, the sport spreads throughout all communities and walks of life and you have a more well rounded game. I am also going to go out on a limb and say from my personal expierience and observation I have found that white people are not the best at sports and other minorities are more athletic!?!?! Correct me if I'm wrong. I was speaking to a big hip-hop music manager a while back and he said, "Once the hood starts playing Soccer, then the US will start challenging the world." Well that could be true, and the "hood" represents the lower class and once you start having the cliche of the good kid from a shitty neighborhood and shitty family rising above to excel at a sport, well you have gone full cirle. When you look at the Streetball contests and some running backs you can see some of the most gifted athletes in the world, so I hope that one day those same kids will put down a soccer ball and start kicking it around and take the US to the next level. It is the last conquerable sport to the US, everything else the US excels at for the most part. But in Soccer, there is some shame. So back to Beckham. Basically, as I am boring you, i know, i'm busy...this sport will be forced to spread. Beckham will do his darndest and the Galaxy will as well to market the shit out of this guy, and it's such an easy sport to play...get a ball and put it down don't need lines or bases or anything. Fuck America's past-time, Mark Macguire was shooting up when he hit 72 home runs or whatever, and same with that dipshit Barry Bonds. And i'm tired of Iverson's attitude and who will ever forget the Kobe Colorado incident? Ray Lewis the wife beater? I much rather have Joey Barton showing his ass to a bunch of home fans on an away day, and a sport that is not just in America! The Superbowl and the World Series....which only include US (and a few canadian teams). I'm sorry, Champions League Soccer is the best, and if MLS can step up maybe Champions League can go's gotta help political situations as well. Pele was brought to the US in the 70's partly by Kisinger telling Brazil that it will help US relations with the country.

Well, expect this:
///More World Renowned Old Foggies coming to the MLS (see Edgar Davids!, Fat Ronaldo, Figo, and Raul)
///A building buzz up until World Cup 2010 in South Africa

Oh well fuck it, I bought my Galaxy Season tickets today via freESAC and I am stoked to see less empty seats and more inflated prices!

If you want me to continue my rant on why Beckham will save US Soccer, you are invited to a game, and I will blab on about that shit and give you meaningless facts about the game and it's players.

World Cup 2022 is going to be won by team USA! P.S. Edu sucks.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Response: David Beckham

So, in my group of friends, they know I'm a football fanatic (ESP by American Standards). This morning I recieved calls and text after text about David Beckham signing a $250 Million deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy. For sometime we ("insiders") knew this was going to happen, just not when. Around 2003 there was a study stating that David Beckham was the #2 most recognized person in the world. #1 was the Pope John Paul II, and in 2005 he passed away, so I believe that makes Becks #1! (Although "W" the turd may be moving up that list quickly as he is hated worldwide!) David Beckham (Becks for short) already has a firm plant in Los Angeles with his "David Beckham Academy" that teaches young'ns how to play the beautiful game. Becks is hollywood, he drinks bubbly with P Diddy, he is what Paris Hilton is to US Weekly in Spain and previously England. He is married to a Spice Girl for fuck sake! His kids are named Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz!?!?!

Here Is What To Expect:
///To quote Spaceballs "MERCHANDISING, MERCHANDISING, MERCHANDISING!" Galaxy has held off on a Jersey sponsor for 2007 so far, Smartest move of their existence. Put Becks on a plastic visor and it will sell for $20
///Becks face plastered EVERYWHERE for advertising!
///Sold out games to see the man wallop a free kick
///Posh Spice going out with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Us Weekly ATTACKING the family every chance they get in LA.
///And I'm calling it here...Posh goes Scientology (supposively Katie Holmes and Crazy Cruise are "really close" with the Beckhams) But becks has crosses all over her, he is a good catholic boy.
///David Beckham will never play for the England National Team again, he was captain this time last year, and got dropped from the squad once they hired a new coach. Recently people thought he would be coming back, but that is now not the case.


More on that tomorrow....

Beckham Wiki Glith (hilarious)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anatomy of a Hit Song (UK)

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Single Release Date: January 27th, 2007)
File Under: New Rave (wiki)

Ah, love the UK buzz! "Golden Skans" is a good song. Good Sound, good hook, good vibe. So how do you make that song even better? Well, 1st you keep it on lockdown (i.e. away from blogs for as long as you can). 2nd REMIXES everybodies favorite! And who do you call on to remix the tunes? Well, in my opinion one of the best remixers of 2006/07 Mr. Erol Alkan (myspace) who is known for his:

///Hot Chip - Boy From School (Extended Re-Work)
///Justice - Waters Of Nazareth (Dur Dur Durrr Re-Edit)
///Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Carnival Of Light Re-Work)
///Production for The Long Blondes (Track: Fulwood Babylon) and Mystery Jets (Track: Crossroads)
///His Club Night in England called "Trash" which just finished it's 10 year run last night!

3rd You lock up THAT remix and have fluokids blog from France unload a DUB version of the track as an "Exxxclusive." Then as people are begging for the Vocal Edit you release ANOTHER remix by another hot Remixer SebastiAn ( from France a la Ed Banger Records. Then whilst people are into that, somebody says...hey head over to Discobelle to get the Vocal Edit, because they dropped it, even though they "were not suppossed to" according to the Label/Mgmt, whatever. And Viola....BUZZ. Everybody wants what they can't have.

Feel This:
Klaxons - Golden Skans
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Dub)
Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn 1.2.0 Remix)
Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Extended Vocal Re-Work)

I think Erol's mix beats SebastiAn's hands down as I think SebastiAn's sounds a lot like Justin Timberlake's "My Love". Before I heard the Vocal Edit I was all into the dub version and the vocals kinda let me down.

Well anyway, i'm sure this post will help my google love, gotta love the "indie blogger nation"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

RADIO PERFIK: Episode 1 Podcast

So the debut of RADIO PERFIK went well. I have no experience on the radio, but I was happy with the result. As always, The Gray Kid is hilarious and it made for a good show. Here is what was played...

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle
Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic
Fugazi - Blueprint
Mason Dixon - Hurry Through The Night
The Twilight Singers - There's Been An Accident
The Hard Tomorrows - Glossy Eyed Sweetheart*
Paul Michel - Expire*
Klaxons - Golden Skans
The Long Blondes - Fulwood Babylon
The Whip - Trash
The Gray Kid - Sooth Sayer ***Exclusive Premier On Radio Perfik***
Missy Elliot - Slide*
Subtle - Middleclass Stomp
Radiohead - Morning Bell*
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Machine*
Air - Run*
Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds
Martha Wainwright - Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole
The Durruti Column - Otis
The Gray Kid - Race World/Stephanie B Microscopic ***"Cover Ups" From The Pilgramage Mixtape*** available for free download at
Lansing-Dreiden - The Eternal Lie*
Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
The Stone Roses - Sally Cinnamon
Peter And The Wolf - Safe Travels
Bat For Lashes - Trophy
Bobby "Blue" Bland - How Does A Cheatin' Woman Feel*
Ludacris - Ultimate Satisfaction*

*The Gray Kid Pics

"Podcast" link below (it's basically a 60MB mp3)
RADIO PERFIK Live 1/8/07 feat. The Gray Kid on via Z-Share, so click through all the ads that make it FREE fools

New Air Album E-Card

Worth checking out from EMI France. Very well done E-Card featuring a large portion of "Once Upon A Time" the first single from le nouvel album "Pocket Symphony." I thought they broke up once one of the guys did Darkel and the Charlotte Gainsbourg album, guess not.

AIR "Pocket Symphony" E-Card


Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey Writers: 33 1/3

I really like the 33 1/3 series. It's a great idea and perfect for people who rock the Alpha Delta Delta.

They need writers to write about amazing albums, see link:

33 1/3 Proposals for Future Books

Here are my pics, maybe I'll come up with one, but then I would have to write it...hmmm...I have a blog with writing on it:

Johnny Cash - Bitter Tears (wiki)
Danzig - Danzig I (wiki) *i may actually submit this, I could do it
Murder City Devils - Empty Bottles Broken Hearts (allmusic)
13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (wiki)
New Order - Power, Corruption, and Lies (wiki)

here is a list of what has already been done:
#36 and on
As well from the 33 1/3 blog, what's planned to be released listed here.

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Inconvenient Truth

So I decided to add a "The Inconvinient Truth" counter to my blog, check it out to the right (or if you have a wacky browser, below).
I finally saw the film and I was glad I did. I own a "gas guzzler" which makes me a terrorist! No, not really, but it does make me an asshole! My car has a good year left in it, and once he/she bids farewell, my ass is getting a Civic Hybrid, a Prius Hybrid, or a Camry Hybrid.

///I'm a fan of the enviroment (vegetarian too!)
///I will get over twice as much mileage (450+ miles on a tank of gas, compared to 200!)
///The cars aren't that expensive, and you get a tax break, and save money on gas
///I don't want to be the reason any more troops die in Iraq because of our quest for oil, why do you think our US Army HQ is right next door to the Oil Ministry?

Go rent the movie, buy it, netflix it, steal it, whatever. I would vote for Al Gore for President in 2008, he needs work but at least he has a heartbeat. I dont think there will be a serious candidate out of the Dem ass party that could do any better. The Evil of Two Lessers as it is put. Obama and Hillary aren't going to go anywhere at this point in time, even after the dumb hillbilly we have in office now. Either way, I am afraid of Global Warming, I have mainly lived in LA my whole life where the weather is a constant basic 70 degrees with barely any cold weather or rain and recently things are wacky and I think it has to be what we are doing to our enviroment.

The image below taken December 24, 1968 on Apollo 8 was the first image of it's kind. After the astronauts had passed around the dark side of the moon where they had no communication to the anyone, they saw this, called "Earthrise." According to Mr. Gore, this image launched the Enviromental Movement overnight, and it makes sense to me. We are nothing in this universe. 6.5 billion people on that tiny little blip, check yourselves fools!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

UK Buzz Band: The Twang

When I was in Manchester, UK for the In The City music conference, there was one band that was buzzing beyond belief and that was The Twang (myspace). Every A+R weasel was just dying to get into their sold out Academy 3 show. The talk of the town was that this Birmingham band sounds like The Happy Mondays, ok I'm sold. Who doesn't like Shaun Ryder, dude was/is nuts. I passed on the show, because I had tickets to see Manchester City beat Middlesborough! I finally got to go to a Premiership Match, so I was excited beyond belief, fuck some buzz band.

Anyway, this morning on the way to work I was listening to BBC Radio 1 (via Sirius) and sure enough I heard "Either Way" by the Twang. I like this tune, but its like the Happy Mondays minus the drugs (so you are left with basically nothing) deciding they want to sound like Keane. It is a good pop song, I guess I sorta hear the Mondays reference, but whatever, check it out before they invade your indie night in Brooklyn or whatever. They signed to B-Unique I guess, and stonewalled a bunch of majors, I commend them for that.

The Twang - Either Way *blowing up on BBC Radio 1
The Twang - Cloudy Room
The Twang - Wide Awake

Let's see if he has the Shaun Ryder swagger...

Side Note: Chelsea FC are going after my boy Micah Richards (of MCFC duh), but the price tag is 18 million pounds and he is not for sale, HA! I knew that dude was the man, I called it. If I he was an artist that I repped at SESAC then I would be making bank!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So, I found this when I was going through all my CD's that I have in boxes that are "not for show." Because I have so many damn compact discs, many are relegated to the garage where they sit in a nice box until I decide to get some together to go off to the CD death camp that is Amoeba so I can get trade in value and shop even more! Upon excavating these dingy boxes I found this gem...

This disc I found is one track that failed to make it to an album released by a comedian whilst I worked at Geffen. It is HILARIOUS, and definitely too crazy to make it to an album. The original artist heard the track and just nodded their heads like WTF?!?! I am not going to say the name of the person I would hate for google to catch on and get my ass in trouble. So I guess this is just for my regulars. Dude is one of the funniest guys on the planet and once you hear his voice you will know who I am talking about.


Happy New Year

Things are great over here. My radio show on Little Radio starts on Monday (Jan. 8th) and so far I have The Gray Kid, Peter and the Wolf, and Tim Burgess!!!!!!!! all confirmed to drop by for the month of January. Set your clocks now and help spread the love!!! If you are in the area, come on down to the warehouse and hang out!

2007 is going to be big for all of us, I promise.

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