Friday, December 01, 2006

Who doesn't love: STONER METAL

So as I was browsing IODA Promonet yesterday, I stumbled upon the Tee Pee records label site which offers up some good stuff. Whilst browsing I found a "download only" track from the bay areas incredible SLEEP! It's a single for Dopesmoker.Check the wiki for a good write-up. After Sleep went to sleep, Matt Pike formed HIGH ON FIRE, who's 2005 release "Blessed Black Wings" made it all the way to #2 on my Top 20 of 2005 list, yeah, it's that good. Steve Albini produced it, and even though I didn't have a metal year, it was at a level that most artists, regardless of genre, can't compete with.


Download "Dopesmoker" (mp3)
from "Dopesmoker"
by Sleep
Tee Pee Records

Down the road, in Palm Desert, CA another Stoner Metal scene developed from the dusty dry heat that is ever abundant in the land. I'm sure everybody is familiar with Queens of the Stone Age, but before there was QOTSA, there was KYUSS. Hit the wiki. Here are the first 2 tracks from "Blues From The Red Sun" which I used to always put on when I was cleaning my old apartment for some reason?!?!

Kyuss - Thumb
Kyuss - Green Machine

Also check out, the first Queens of the Stone Age album, High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings (obv), and get ripped and forget what you just listened to.