Monday, December 11, 2006

San Diego Scene Band: Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party (myspace)

Once again, Catdirt (blog: is on this one first. He did their first press piece, did their first headlining show, and now the band has gone on to open up for bands like YYY's, The Elected, and more.
Quick Facts Because I Have A Day Job:
///Trio (Drums, Guitar, Bass)
///Extreme Bonus: Female Drummer who is also the only singer!
///Slated for next National band out of San Diego, CA
///Moved from San Francisco to "get the band together"
///LOCALS ONLY: Playing Friday at the Echo with The Blood Arm and MANIC

Check it out:
DEMO ALERT *don't expect Rick Rubin's magic hand
Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son
Grand Ole Party - INSANE
Grand Ole Party - Turn On Burn On