Monday, December 18, 2006

One of my Records of the Year

This list is forthcoming (just gathering all the juicy records to write about), but before I do so I want to talk about one of the special bands.

Mason Dixon (myspace & band site) are from Brooklyn, NY, and their new record is a great updated version of Bruce Springsteen with Neil Young's country rock twang. A few months back a friend sent me an advance of "Hurry Through The Night," and it absolutely floored me. It floored me to the point that last week I said to him, what's up with Mason Dixon, it's easily one of my favorite albums of the year, and he said "WOW, we are going to get a label in January." Dude....somebody....send this to your hip indie label friends. This band always had a blues-y feel since inception, but this record is a huge creative leap, and this band deserves some love. The album is a great listen from start to finish with a unique link tying everything together. "Hurry Through The Night" has a feeling that so many new albums lack, which gives each song a heartbeat and makes it all the more powerful.

When you listen to Neil Young's Harvest (see earlier post for my love of that album) there is something that ties it all together, it is the fact that the drums for almost all of the tracks have a similar simple beat which make it all flow. There is something in this album that does the same, maybe it is the guitiar tone, or keys, I dont know, but it works all subliminal-like. The Killers wish they could write this stuff (bold I know, but I'm just saying that the Killers tried to channel Springsteen and they failed miserably)!

I offer up a tune, knowing that it's only one piece of a 10 piece really need to hear it ot get the feel for it.

Mason Dixon - Hurry Through The Night
Listen to more tunes on Myspace, I don't want to give any away because I actually CARE this band's feelings! Also, note that I have nothing to do with this band on a working level (couldn't even if I wanted too) which hopefully makes my plea for a listen all the stronger!