Friday, December 15, 2006

Ode to TOWER

After this weekend, Tower Records will be no more. In fact, whilst in Tower Records Santa Monica today, the manager came on the horn and said "Tower Records New Orleans #!@$ has closed its doors...forever!" Then a guy next to me was nodding his head and said, "It's like the Statue of Liberty closing." WAIT, the Statue of Liberty IS closed, because it's a target for Terrorists! Anywhoo, walking into Tower which boasted 70%-90% of EVERYTHING I just felt depressed. More people then I have ever seen rummaging through CD's, that was probably their problem, no one was really there. The record store business in general is a weird one, I'd say at least half of the people who walk in the store just browse, and I'd say of the "paying" half, probably 30% only buy 1-2 CD's/DVD's, and that leaves 20% who would perhaps spend over $30 upon visiting (I'm in that 20%). Shit, I have spent easily over $100 on CD's in a visit to a record store if I allow myself. Well, back to the happenings of the day. I was very interested to see what people were buying, what was left over, and what the hell I was going to find in a store so badly violated. I heard a 15 year old kid, a child of sorts say "There is no music here I like." That is a bummer, there was a whole slew of emo/pop-punk/shit just dying to go home with some young'n, I guess myspace doesn't sell records. While checking out the woman next to me had "Blood Is Trouble" by Greg Weeks (which I had seen in the Tower for weeks!) and I said, "That is a really good record, you will be happy," she smiled and said thanks. It is a good record, I'll blog about him soon. What also was great is that the same woman asked the guy behind the counter if some metal looking album (which I think was Unearthly Trance's new record...pal of mine) was any good, and the Tower employee said, "I don't know, if you buy that record then I'll give you this one for free" (eluding that if she got the Greg Weeks, she got a two-fer). That is when you know it's painful, and the shit has hit the fan. I managed to get 6 CD's (including 2 double discs) for $35.72. Originally I would have paid $117.93, shit talk a bout a deal. That's 70% off (GO FUCKING FIGURE)! I would have only paid full price for probably 1 of these CD's, taht doesn't include "Sale Prices," I'm cheap, cheap, cheap. So here is what I got, any thoughts, I went on whim basically. I will give a little synobis in the catdirtian method:

As so... Artist/Album/Why I bought it/Early Verdict:

Stars Of The Lid/The Ballasted Orchestra/I got 1 of their albums, its ambient, so I wanted to check this out/This shit rules, it's almost like Brian Eno's pinky!!!

Feathers/Feathers/I wanted this record, Folky, hipster loved, dudes make up Witch with J Mascis which I love/Still early, sounds alright, need to be in the mood

A Northern Chorus/Bitter Hands Resign/I always wanted this record, but didn't know enough to pay full price./I am a fan, "dream-pop" is what it is labeled as and it's definitely worth my $4.20 (not a drug reference)

Dub Trio/New Heavy/I got this because Mike Patton does 1 track, and it's on ROIR who put out Bad Brains first album/The Mike Patton song is good...ummmmmmm

The Bluetones/A Rough Outline: The Singles & B-Sides 95-03 (IMPORT)/I bought this for Jennifer, nuff said...actually I have seen it before, but I'm not paying $24.99 for a CD i'm not going to listen too/Ask Jennifer I don't know

Matthew Friedberger/Winter Woman-Holy Ghost Language School/I got this because I saw some Hipster analysis on it and I was waiting for it to be on the real real cheap, got it for $6, which means it was originally (if you can't do that math, get up from your chair and punch yourself in the face)/I haven't popped it in yet, i'll be honest I downloaded one track and I hated it...why did I buy this again (see "Why I bought it")

Ah, take a moment to think about an album you bought at Tower that changed your life...sniffle, sniffle