Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Invention!

So, I spent the small christmas/holiday break (5 days) up in San Francisco. Anybody who has driven to SF from LA should be familiar with the Route 5 that takes about 6 hours to complete and is pretty much a straight line for 4 of those hours. In my life I have probably done that drive 40 times, and after that many times, you pretty much know the lay of the land. Maricopa is the beginning of "the Grapevine", and when you get to the Coalinga turnoff you are exactly half way (and you eat at Red Robin or Harris Ranch). It is a journey that takes you from one metropolis to another, and in a span of 300 miles, things are very different.

Yesterday, I was on the road with the family and lady, and I was bored as usual. The sun had gone down, so I couldn't read anymore, and for some reason we started talking about Wikipedia (which I use heavily in this blog and love dearly). Enter: my blackberry (with uber-fast internet shits). I said, here i'll show you some wikipedia action. We had been talking about one of my favorite people Abbott Kinney, so I wiki-ed him and read out loud all it had to say. There was an overwhelming response of "Interesting." At this point, we were all bored (traffic) so I started looking around and wiki-ing the cities we were passing and reading the results. Again, "Interesting." All in all we learned a lot of the history, census info, background, and famous people of Maricopa, Tejon Ranch, Palmdale, San Rafael, and Stevenson Ranch. As well we learned the history behind "The Grapevine" which is really amazing. It started out as "The Ridge Route"(highly recommended reading!) which connected the San Fernando and San Joaquin valleys, and I bet you didn't know that without the Ridge Route the state was most likely going to be cut in half and formed into two different states...that would be a bummer. See below for a view of the Grapevine in 1934 looking towards the San Joaquin Valley (north)...courtesy of wiki.

I love California, it's a great state, and it's a newer state. I like the east coast (NY especially), but it's a lot older and NYers were driving cars up and down Broadway when original Californians were living off their land and still figuring ways to water to every part of the state. California really came into with the development of the film industry in Los Angeles, and the Gold Rush in San Francisco. These instances brought a very unique influx of people whose traces are still visible today. (I could talk about California for hours...)

Well anyway, my point is my invention is driving whilst wiki-ing reference points during your journey. Definitely makes the time pass and your brain loves it as well. Try it out if you have a drive of over 50 miles. What should it be called?
///Driwiking (Drive + Wiki)???
///Road Wik (Road Trip + Wiki) ???
///Route Wiki-Wik (Route 66 + Wiki) ???
///Cwiki (Car + Wiki) ???
Whatever it is called, it's 100 times better than watching a DVD in a car, don't we have enough opportunities to watch TV? Now that shit is on your little cell phone screen...awesomely stupid.

I'm going to get the patent office on the line, this is going somewhere...

Side Note------> Best Driving Albums
Neil Young - Harvest
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold Roses
The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)