Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kiss The Skull

'I should be able to kill somebody if they fuck with me' - DANZIG

In case you don't know, I LOVE Danzig (not heart, love). Misfits killed it, Samhain whatever (Brian Baker rules), and Danzig solo is lucifer's gift to my ears. I have seen Danzig tons of times, and everytime I show up late (until right before he goes on), I kick smelly punks out of my seats (he plays sitters now), and I am wearing a white shirt (whilst everyone else wears black). Everybody stares at me and then he goes on and I belt out every single lyric (even from his new shit...yeah, I love him). He always opens with "Skincarver," off his last album Circle of Snakes which I believe was recorded in his backyard (production quality = 0). You have to love the subject matter though, and the songs are solid as hell.
I have stood by Danzig for years, everybody always sends me the clip oh him getting knocked out in AZ, and it pains me. His comment (above) was stated after the truck with all his equiptment was stolen after his Wiltern show last week, bummer. Danzig is one person I have always wanted to me, but never wanted to meet. I say that because whenever I speak to people who know him or are connected to him they tell how he is the biggest asshole in the world. That shit bums me out, I wish he could take the piss out of himself, but he can't. I saw him walking into Rob Zombie, and I had my camera, but he was walking way to fast with a half-clothed asian woman that had about 2 feet on him...marvelous. I have driven by his house (Rodney and Hillhurst) at least 50 times and I will continue to whenever I'm in Los Feliz hoping to catch a glimpse of greatness. Always a good time, always Danzig.

That is all, I'm not going to bother with an MP3, no one will listen anyway...unless maybe it's "Mother". Danzig is forever in my heart.


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