Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hEL-P the word

Wowsa, mark my words. El-P's 2007 release "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" is an absolute masterpiece and will top the "Best of 2007" lists. He worked with Trent Reznor, Cat Power, TV on the Radio, The Mars Volta, and a few other guys I forgot about when he told me. By far my favorite tracks (which I don't want to name as this album is so far out), are the TV On The Radio track the Trent Reznor track. Pressing play is opening up pandora's box and it doesn't dissapoint. I am not a big fan of the "back-pack" rap, or white rap scene whatever, but I respect producers and I like lyrics (especially political ones). El-P delivers, he must have been frustrated with music, life, and the state of living in america because this album is fierce. A kind of fiercness that only comes from a lovely stressor or opressor. Once I can, I will post "the single" or better yet, once my Little Radio show starts up (def soon), I'll try and have El-P give me some words of his own.

-------ON AN INDUSTRY NOTE-------
This is a promo copy which I got from my NY counterpart, Ms. Jamie Dominguez (boo yah, myspace her) and every like 2 minutes the recording level goes down and it says "This Promo Copy Belongs to Jamie Dominguez" WOW, the future, I mean nobody is going to leak that shit...and if they do it will piss everybody off because it chimes in, but you get the gyst of the album. And before you ask, I got it because she is NY, and I am LA, together we are the SESAC heat for the hip shit and are really one person.

-------ON ANOTHER NOTE-------
My Friend Cesar Beat Cancer after 7 Months, that is just amazing. He kept a positive attitude and waved goodbye to the parasite. Myself and El-P congratulate you.