Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ellen Allien & Apparat and Apparat Vs. Mac Tonight

Orchestra of Bubbles was my #11 album of the year. I'm going to rely on Wiki to give you the background on Ms. Allien (take it away wiki) and Apparat (wiki).

Do the homework, here are some tunes...
1. Turbo Dreams
2. Way Out (mp3)
3. Retina
4. Rotary (mp3)
5. Jet
6. Sleepless
7. Floating Points
8. Under
9. Do Not Break (mp3) *recommended
10. Leave Me Alone (mp3) *recommended
11. Edison
12. Bubbles

As well, here is a amazingly overdubbed TV interview. Note that Apparat looks a hell of a lot like Mac Tonight (see pic below) from the 1987-88 McDonald's TV campaign (a la 0:56 secs). I love Mac Tonight, whenever I see pertruding chins I always think of that motherfucker, I hate pertruding chins!

Might as well go down this road now too...

Oh yeahhh....classic