Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Band That Never Was

A while back my friend told me of a band she knew in Seattle, WA called The Bats of Belfry (myspace/bandsite). I went to the myspace and just loved the tunes. It was like a 60's Stoner Jam with enough sensibility to make it big in this day and age. A few weeks after talking to them a bit about joining the sac (my day job SESAC), the songs vanished without a trace, and so did correspondance. Oh well, bummer. Later on they posted a coded bulletin that pretty much stated the band had split, TOTAL BUMMER. Fuckin bands, this year a ton of bands have split up, especially talented ones who write good songs. And writing good songs is easily the hardest part of being in a band, wtf?!?! I think it has to do with the generation these kids in new bands come from, something wrong with it. Too volatile and ALL scenes are dead in the water, nobody belongs to anybody. Junky kids don't have creativity anymore, the market is flooded with art school grads, and perhaps life is just easier these days. Well, that is my rant, the good think about The Bats Of Belfry is even in their death, I got all their 3 songs, woo hoo. I'll def spin them on my Little Radio soiree upon it's arrival.

The Bats Of Belfry - Kremlins *the track
The Bats Of Belfry - Tumble Down
The Bats Of Belfry - Marigold