Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ambient Metal??? (Could That Be A Genre?)

Ok quick post.

Boris (wiki) is a Doom Metal/Sludge/Heavy band from Japan.

Sunn O))) (wiki) is a Drone Metal/Doom/Heavy band from LA/NY.

Together, they are Sunn O))) and Boris and have recently released the album "ALTAR" on Southern Lord Records.

It is 6 tracks of heavy listening, the average song length is around 9 minutes, they are few vocals and effects, and PEOPLE LOVE THIS SHIT.
They do, here is proof
///Boris - Pink (2006) Pitchfork 8.7
///Boris - Akuma No Uta (2005) Pitchfork 8.2
///Boris - At Last: Feedback (2005) Pitchfork 7.7
///Sunn O))) - Black One (2006) Pitchfork 8.9
///Sunn O))) - The GrimmRobe Demos (2005) Pitchfork 8.0
///Sunn O))) - Flight Of The Behemoth (2002) Pitchfork 8.5

Sunn O))) and Boris - Akuma No Kuma

Also, Pitchfork did a track review for this song, check it out. I really dig when the horns come makes me think of those horns in the Ricola commercials from back in the day.

P.S. I don't mean to link Pitchfork that much, I really despise them...but they review this shit and LOVE it?!?!