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For All Mankind

For All Mankind
(1989)wiki (*academy award winner)

This is an amazing documentary that features 100% NASA footage and Astronaut Commentary that goes through the journey from the "blue marble" to the Moon. What makes it even more interesting is that Brian Eno (one of my favorite people of all time) does the soundtrack as part of his Apollo:Atmospheres and Soundtracks album (the first Eno album I ever bought). One of the great things about NASA is that they documented everything they could via video, especially because of the hundreds of people on the ground in Houston and at the Kennedy Space Center who couldn't see a thing without those cameras. For a long time the footage just collected dust until director Al Reinert got permission to make this film. It's the end of the year...if you have the time...take a look. I have it on DVD too, and I can make copies, I'm sure it's a really good movie for stoners.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII


Ellen Allien & Apparat and Apparat Vs. Mac Tonight

Orchestra of Bubbles was my #11 album of the year. I'm going to rely on Wiki to give you the background on Ms. Allien (take it away wiki) and Apparat (wiki).

Do the homework, here are some tunes...
1. Turbo Dreams
2. Way Out (mp3)
3. Retina
4. Rotary (mp3)
5. Jet
6. Sleepless
7. Floating Points
8. Under
9. Do Not Break (mp3) *recommended
10. Leave Me Alone (mp3) *recommended
11. Edison
12. Bubbles

As well, here is a amazingly overdubbed TV interview. Note that Apparat looks a hell of a lot like Mac Tonight (see pic below) from the 1987-88 McDonald's TV campaign (a la 0:56 secs). I love Mac Tonight, whenever I see pertruding chins I always think of that motherfucker, I hate pertruding chins!

Might as well go down this road now too...

Oh yeahhh....classic

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Invention!

So, I spent the small christmas/holiday break (5 days) up in San Francisco. Anybody who has driven to SF from LA should be familiar with the Route 5 that takes about 6 hours to complete and is pretty much a straight line for 4 of those hours. In my life I have probably done that drive 40 times, and after that many times, you pretty much know the lay of the land. Maricopa is the beginning of "the Grapevine", and when you get to the Coalinga turnoff you are exactly half way (and you eat at Red Robin or Harris Ranch). It is a journey that takes you from one metropolis to another, and in a span of 300 miles, things are very different.

Yesterday, I was on the road with the family and lady, and I was bored as usual. The sun had gone down, so I couldn't read anymore, and for some reason we started talking about Wikipedia (which I use heavily in this blog and love dearly). Enter: my blackberry (with uber-fast internet shits). I said, here i'll show you some wikipedia action. We had been talking about one of my favorite people Abbott Kinney, so I wiki-ed him and read out loud all it had to say. There was an overwhelming response of "Interesting." At this point, we were all bored (traffic) so I started looking around and wiki-ing the cities we were passing and reading the results. Again, "Interesting." All in all we learned a lot of the history, census info, background, and famous people of Maricopa, Tejon Ranch, Palmdale, San Rafael, and Stevenson Ranch. As well we learned the history behind "The Grapevine" which is really amazing. It started out as "The Ridge Route"(highly recommended reading!) which connected the San Fernando and San Joaquin valleys, and I bet you didn't know that without the Ridge Route the state was most likely going to be cut in half and formed into two different states...that would be a bummer. See below for a view of the Grapevine in 1934 looking towards the San Joaquin Valley (north)...courtesy of wiki.

I love California, it's a great state, and it's a newer state. I like the east coast (NY especially), but it's a lot older and NYers were driving cars up and down Broadway when original Californians were living off their land and still figuring ways to water to every part of the state. California really came into with the development of the film industry in Los Angeles, and the Gold Rush in San Francisco. These instances brought a very unique influx of people whose traces are still visible today. (I could talk about California for hours...)

Well anyway, my point is my invention is driving whilst wiki-ing reference points during your journey. Definitely makes the time pass and your brain loves it as well. Try it out if you have a drive of over 50 miles. What should it be called?
///Driwiking (Drive + Wiki)???
///Road Wik (Road Trip + Wiki) ???
///Route Wiki-Wik (Route 66 + Wiki) ???
///Cwiki (Car + Wiki) ???
Whatever it is called, it's 100 times better than watching a DVD in a car, don't we have enough opportunities to watch TV? Now that shit is on your little cell phone screen...awesomely stupid.

I'm going to get the patent office on the line, this is going somewhere...

Side Note------> Best Driving Albums
Neil Young - Harvest
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold Roses
The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Year End: 2006


#1 The Twilight Singers – Powder Burns
“Powder Burns,” is a great rock record. It is a complete album, every song works and I was very surprised I like it as much as I did. I was never a Dulli/Afgan Whigs fan, but I found this album quite wholesome and it got the most of my spins this year.

#2 Sebastian Tellier – Sessions
I fell in love with Sebastian Tellier this year, his catalogue is great, but when he breaks it down and sits in front of a piano it’s amazing. “La Ritournelle” is easily one of the greatest songs in many years, and I also had the pleasure of seeing Sebastian live with a band in London and it was everything I could have wanted.

#3 Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped
Honestly, never a huge Sonic Youth fan, I liked the tunes had the albums but never found myself putting them on frequently or remembering songs. But this album is really good, a huge step from the last few releases. Highlight was getting them to Little Radio for their album release.

#4 Beirut – Gulag Orkestar
Wasn’t expecting to like this album as much as I did, but I guess it’s my Russian roots kicking in. The album has great instrumentation and is easily one of the most unique offerings in a long time.

#5 Hot Chip – The Warning
“Boy From School” period! Great album that I got an advance for (thanks Schmalz) and definitely a huge step up from “Coming On Strong.” A good dancy-pop record for everyone.

#6 His Name Is Alive – Raindrops Rainbow EP/ Detrola
2 albums here (cheap I know), but HNIA I didn’t know much about but I found the vocals and ideas of “Detrola” really exceptional and weird. As well, the EP is really well done and are great re-workings of great songs, definitely underrated band.

#7 Witch – S/T
I love this band. J Mascis on drums makes it all the merrier and these guys just put out a great stoner-metal album because they wanted too. No aspirations to take over the world or tour too much, but the album will stand as a winner. Saw a 2 Song 25 minute set at SXSW that ruled my brain.

#8 Islands – Return To The Sea
I was never a fan of the Unicorns but I stuck with this band after catching a really intimate show at SXSW. They are kooky Canadians, but “Swans (Life After Death)” remains one of my favorite songs of the year, also clocking in at 9 minutes and 31 seconds!

#9 Bat For Lashes – Fur And Gold
Charlie (UpsideDownStupidHat) was the one who turned me on to this girl, it’s a mixture of Bjork and PJ Harvey with a Native American vibe. Plus having Josh T Pearson (Lift To Experience) as guest vocals on your single really sparks my interest. A great dark album that has yet to see a US release.

#10 Mason Dixon – Hurry Through The Night
Springsteen/Neil Young “Harvest” updated Rock. Great album that has yet to see a proper release! I’m sure these guys will make waves, I love this album for its consistency from start to finish, ever note from every instrument fits.

#11 Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra Of Bubbles
BPitch is something I don’t know about, so is Berlin. But I really like the minimal electro this album offers and it is definitely a cornerstone of the German/BPitch/DJ scene. On the mellow tip at times too, great collaboration because I don’t like these 2 artists when left to their own devices, that’s what makes it a great album.

#12 Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
I have country roots (Johnny Cash is my #1), and this album is what country should be today. Taking the roots and updating the sound and lyrical content that represents what it’s like to be a singer-songwriter in the country. Talking about getting high and being able to go to Neko’s sisters house if they promise to watch the baby, that’s country!

#13 Bob Dylan – Modern Times
It’s Bob, great songs, good sound, and as always lyrically supreme. I liked this more than his last couple of albums and that surprised me. He remains the greatest.

#14 Tom Petty – Highway Companion
See above pretty much. Tom Petty is a great songwriter, always comes with it. Got to see him live this year for the first time. Whoopi.

#15 Subtle – For Hero: For Fool
Always been a small fan of the Mush/anticon. Crew, but this album took me by surprise. It is a rock like album and it really sways.

#16 Goes Cube – Beckon The Dagger God
What happened to balls our rock? Answer: Goes Cube. “Punishing” songs that were much needed to wipe away the stain that is Wolfmother.

#17 Various Artists - Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited
You never would have thought that translating French songs into English would sound good, but Cat Power, Marianne Faithful, and Placebo to name a few do a great job of it. Really good sounding album that surprised the shit out of me.

#18 Tropicalia: A Brazilian Revolution In Sound
Soul Jazz Records strikes again with another great gem from the archives. I have always wanted to go to Brazil and this album makes me want to go even more.

#19 Kavinsky – Teddy Boy EP
This made my list because it’s just so awesome. From the Records Makers label (Sebastian Tellier/Label Heads = AIR), this guy is a mixture of Miami Vice meets Nintendo. A staple to my DJ set, and something I have played for everybody this year.

#20 Robbie Williams – Rudebox
Ha, wasn’t really expecting much from this album when I picked it up in England (for Jen) but I was pleasantly surprised. Good singles, a Manu Chao cover, and the 80’s/90’s songs are great. Gotta show love for Robbie, no one else in the US does.

Songs Of The Year

#1 The Whip – Trash
The best band in Manchester right now. Ex-Members of Nylon Pylon these guys are the perfect mix of Soulwax and New Order. Amazing live, stand up guys, and destined for greatness. I love spinning this to unsuspecting ears it’s impossible not to love it on a dancefloor.

Justice/Simian Mobile Disco/Erol Alkan
The indie-dance electro scene made this year a lot of fun. I have always been a big Soulwax fan, and these guys are descending from that sound. I really liked playing these tunes to a crowd and watching them get down on the dance floor. I am a man of the beat. Most Notably: Erol Alkan’s remixes of Justice “Waters of Nazereth” Hot Chip “Boys From School” production of Long Blondes “Fulwood Babylon.” Justice Vs. Simian “We Are Your Friends” and Simian Mobile Disco “Hustler” and “Tits & Acid”

Jim Noir – Eanie Meany
Before, During, and After EVERY World Cup game this year, Jim Noir’s track “Eanie Meany” was played in the Nike commercial featuring top stars of the World Cup past and present. Great tune, and the guy is from Manchester.

Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
Pete Doherty is a junkie, but a superstar. I never really like the Libertines, I passed off Babyshambles as group of idiots, then I heard a squiggly crackhead perform “Fuck Forever” live on the telly. Afterwards he came off to do an interview with Zane Lowe and he had no idea who he was, even though Zane had done a session with him and had met him several times. Yay for Crack! Just the fact that he sings “Fuck Forever” is pretty apparent that this guy is going to be dead real soon and he will be this generations Kurt Cobain and piss everyone off after his death. I can already see shirts flying off the shelves at Hot Topic.
Flops/Total Bummers
Kasabian and Killer Sophmore Slumps
I bought the first Kasabian album right when it came out in the UK and it was a total winner. I saw the Killers perform at Don Hill’s for CMJ days before they signed to Island and you knew they were going to blow up. Problem is, their sophomore albums suck ass. Trying to break out of their original sounds mean they went totally marginal and bored the shit out of everybody. Thanks for killing the faith that a hip band can live past 1 album!

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of (cheap promo copies at retailers) Dead Album I really liked the last album, thought it should have gone a lot further than it did, the new album I put it on and it is a mess. That is the end of the road with Interscope I presume, at least last time everybody really liked the album.

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness Album
These guys were slated to do something great. A few good EP’s came out and then they went in to record their full length debut and out came the biggest let down of the year. I wanted to like this band so much more, but no, Total Bummer!

Major Labels
I started the year at one, and finally ended a 6 year stint in June. It makes me so angry that the heads of these labels will only release “sure things” and horrible pop albums. No new ideas, same old corporate bullshit. The top execs at the label get richer while the people who are working their asses off don’t get bonus’ and Christmas parties revoked. Fuck that shit, the people who were once musical innovators are now just the same as the oppressors that run Wal-Mart. More and more labels turn into machines, A+R is a fucking joke (nobody signs anything that hasn’t already been featured in Rolling Stone), radio is the same model and still works, but it’s all corporate / red state rock or pop. And those are the only people still buying records, so everyone is at fault here! But Major Labels are shitting on people and bands and it is getting old really fast. At CMJ an A+R rep from a major said, “Hey we are hiring an A+R guy in LA, you would be perfect,” and without hesitation I said, “No thank you.” She was shocked, you would have to double my salary for me to re-enter the Major Label A+R scene where your bosses only ask care about the bottom line and have no interest in the music anymore. I would take the money and burn up a nice expense account before they caught on and kicked my ass to curb, a real swindle it would be!
All in all, it’s just not fun anymore. The morale at these labels is the lowest it could ever be, but it doesn’t matter, because when people leave labels, people jump to take their spots for less money and more bullshit. One thing is for sure, we need a new movement of music! When Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, and Radiohead got signed most people were like WTF is this sound, but it was backed by a good label and went on to sell millions and influence generations. Arctic Monkeys…not one of those bands, Franz Ferdinand….not one of those bands, Decemberists/Death Cab For Cute….not one of those bands.
I can rant and rave all I want, but at the end of the day, I think that in the next 5-10 years, working at a label will be just the same as any other corporate 9-5, not good money, and the only perk is a free cd/show every now and then. Working in the music business used to be waking up and saying, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this,” nowadays, not the case. Call me Keith Olberman...

The US Government

Guantanamo Bay (death camps), the US sElections, the Most Debt ever, Blood for Oil, Katrina response, Global Warming, and most importantly US citizens sitting back frustrated to the point where they stop paying attention! What The Fuck? I am so ready for change, revolution, and evolution, are you thinking about this?

"Silence Equals Consent" - DJ Shadow (among others)

"We support the troops the most because we say BRING THEM HOME!" - Jello Biafra

"It isn't just propaganda any more, it's 'prop-agenda '. It's not so much the control of what we think, but the control of what we think about." - Brian Eno

Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Don't Know: Greg Weeks

Maybe you do, if you know Espers (drag city), then you have heard him. But Greg Weeks also has performed as a solo artist since the late 90's.

Greg Weeks (official site / wiki / myspace)
///Part of the Acid-Folk scene
///Music is real minimal folky buzzy sounding
///(misc.) Rarely tours, never seen live, probably smokes a lot of pot

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
LOVE the album Artwork. Nothing like a softie to just brighten up your day!

Greg Weeks - Slightly West ep
1. One Summer Night
2. Unsettled (By The Sun)
3. Slightly West
4. Devils
5. Settle Down

Merry Xmas From MCFC!

Manchester City Football Club Xmas Card


Monday, December 18, 2006

One of my Records of the Year

This list is forthcoming (just gathering all the juicy records to write about), but before I do so I want to talk about one of the special bands.

Mason Dixon (myspace & band site) are from Brooklyn, NY, and their new record is a great updated version of Bruce Springsteen with Neil Young's country rock twang. A few months back a friend sent me an advance of "Hurry Through The Night," and it absolutely floored me. It floored me to the point that last week I said to him, what's up with Mason Dixon, it's easily one of my favorite albums of the year, and he said "WOW, we are going to get a label in January." Dude....somebody....send this to your hip indie label friends. This band always had a blues-y feel since inception, but this record is a huge creative leap, and this band deserves some love. The album is a great listen from start to finish with a unique link tying everything together. "Hurry Through The Night" has a feeling that so many new albums lack, which gives each song a heartbeat and makes it all the more powerful.

When you listen to Neil Young's Harvest (see earlier post for my love of that album) there is something that ties it all together, it is the fact that the drums for almost all of the tracks have a similar simple beat which make it all flow. There is something in this album that does the same, maybe it is the guitiar tone, or keys, I dont know, but it works all subliminal-like. The Killers wish they could write this stuff (bold I know, but I'm just saying that the Killers tried to channel Springsteen and they failed miserably)!

I offer up a tune, knowing that it's only one piece of a 10 piece really need to hear it ot get the feel for it.

Mason Dixon - Hurry Through The Night
Listen to more tunes on Myspace, I don't want to give any away because I actually CARE this band's feelings! Also, note that I have nothing to do with this band on a working level (couldn't even if I wanted too) which hopefully makes my plea for a listen all the stronger!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ode to TOWER

After this weekend, Tower Records will be no more. In fact, whilst in Tower Records Santa Monica today, the manager came on the horn and said "Tower Records New Orleans #!@$ has closed its doors...forever!" Then a guy next to me was nodding his head and said, "It's like the Statue of Liberty closing." WAIT, the Statue of Liberty IS closed, because it's a target for Terrorists! Anywhoo, walking into Tower which boasted 70%-90% of EVERYTHING I just felt depressed. More people then I have ever seen rummaging through CD's, that was probably their problem, no one was really there. The record store business in general is a weird one, I'd say at least half of the people who walk in the store just browse, and I'd say of the "paying" half, probably 30% only buy 1-2 CD's/DVD's, and that leaves 20% who would perhaps spend over $30 upon visiting (I'm in that 20%). Shit, I have spent easily over $100 on CD's in a visit to a record store if I allow myself. Well, back to the happenings of the day. I was very interested to see what people were buying, what was left over, and what the hell I was going to find in a store so badly violated. I heard a 15 year old kid, a child of sorts say "There is no music here I like." That is a bummer, there was a whole slew of emo/pop-punk/shit just dying to go home with some young'n, I guess myspace doesn't sell records. While checking out the woman next to me had "Blood Is Trouble" by Greg Weeks (which I had seen in the Tower for weeks!) and I said, "That is a really good record, you will be happy," she smiled and said thanks. It is a good record, I'll blog about him soon. What also was great is that the same woman asked the guy behind the counter if some metal looking album (which I think was Unearthly Trance's new record...pal of mine) was any good, and the Tower employee said, "I don't know, if you buy that record then I'll give you this one for free" (eluding that if she got the Greg Weeks, she got a two-fer). That is when you know it's painful, and the shit has hit the fan. I managed to get 6 CD's (including 2 double discs) for $35.72. Originally I would have paid $117.93, shit talk a bout a deal. That's 70% off (GO FUCKING FIGURE)! I would have only paid full price for probably 1 of these CD's, taht doesn't include "Sale Prices," I'm cheap, cheap, cheap. So here is what I got, any thoughts, I went on whim basically. I will give a little synobis in the catdirtian method:

As so... Artist/Album/Why I bought it/Early Verdict:

Stars Of The Lid/The Ballasted Orchestra/I got 1 of their albums, its ambient, so I wanted to check this out/This shit rules, it's almost like Brian Eno's pinky!!!

Feathers/Feathers/I wanted this record, Folky, hipster loved, dudes make up Witch with J Mascis which I love/Still early, sounds alright, need to be in the mood

A Northern Chorus/Bitter Hands Resign/I always wanted this record, but didn't know enough to pay full price./I am a fan, "dream-pop" is what it is labeled as and it's definitely worth my $4.20 (not a drug reference)

Dub Trio/New Heavy/I got this because Mike Patton does 1 track, and it's on ROIR who put out Bad Brains first album/The Mike Patton song is good...ummmmmmm

The Bluetones/A Rough Outline: The Singles & B-Sides 95-03 (IMPORT)/I bought this for Jennifer, nuff said...actually I have seen it before, but I'm not paying $24.99 for a CD i'm not going to listen too/Ask Jennifer I don't know

Matthew Friedberger/Winter Woman-Holy Ghost Language School/I got this because I saw some Hipster analysis on it and I was waiting for it to be on the real real cheap, got it for $6, which means it was originally (if you can't do that math, get up from your chair and punch yourself in the face)/I haven't popped it in yet, i'll be honest I downloaded one track and I hated it...why did I buy this again (see "Why I bought it")

Ah, take a moment to think about an album you bought at Tower that changed your life...sniffle, sniffle


If you are wondering what to get me for the holidays...'s this.

"If you don't know now, you never will" - Dave Conway from Little Radio

mmmmm....The Holiday Spirit

Thursday, December 14, 2006

R.I.P. Ahmet Ertegun

Ahmet Ertegun is a really big name in the music business, he founded Atlantic Records and was a producer of many famous individuals. He passed away Tuesday, and it is a passing of a legend. As well, Ahmet was involved in bringing the Soccer craze to the US with the NY Cosmos. Perfect for this blog, music and football. The music business will sorely miss a person of his caliber, and you don't find many people like this anymore. See below for Yahoo coverage.

Ahmet Ertegun Dies at 83 (yahoo)

I saw this dude picking flowers at SXSW

Brightblack Morning Light (website, myspace) are very unique. Let's just say I'd be suprised if these guys knew their social security numbers. They live on reservations (seriously) and I think, THINK, that they may use drugs. With names like "Shineywater" and an album that comes with stoner-vision glasses made of 100% recyclable paper, just expect the slowness.

Here is "Everybody Daylight" from their debut album on Matador Records.

Brightblack Morning Light - Everybody Daylight

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ambient Metal??? (Could That Be A Genre?)

Ok quick post.

Boris (wiki) is a Doom Metal/Sludge/Heavy band from Japan.

Sunn O))) (wiki) is a Drone Metal/Doom/Heavy band from LA/NY.

Together, they are Sunn O))) and Boris and have recently released the album "ALTAR" on Southern Lord Records.

It is 6 tracks of heavy listening, the average song length is around 9 minutes, they are few vocals and effects, and PEOPLE LOVE THIS SHIT.
They do, here is proof
///Boris - Pink (2006) Pitchfork 8.7
///Boris - Akuma No Uta (2005) Pitchfork 8.2
///Boris - At Last: Feedback (2005) Pitchfork 7.7
///Sunn O))) - Black One (2006) Pitchfork 8.9
///Sunn O))) - The GrimmRobe Demos (2005) Pitchfork 8.0
///Sunn O))) - Flight Of The Behemoth (2002) Pitchfork 8.5

Sunn O))) and Boris - Akuma No Kuma

Also, Pitchfork did a track review for this song, check it out. I really dig when the horns come makes me think of those horns in the Ricola commercials from back in the day.

P.S. I don't mean to link Pitchfork that much, I really despise them...but they review this shit and LOVE it?!?!

Albums/Songs of the Year COMING UP

It's a coming...Who will make the cut? Suggestions?

Until then, enjoy this tune. My brother, who is studying at Yale University for Nursing (#1 in the country mind you), once said, "If I was a DJ I would play this song." So what do I do, I play this song when I DJ in homage to my brother. His musical tastes are quite different then mine, he used to practice acoustic guitar 3 hours a day and can play classical concertos front to back, but he never really got into Slayer or 2manydjs. He did once when I was a kid play me Neil Young's "Harvest" album, which was easily a landmark moment in my life, as that album is easily one of my favorites of all-time or my "Desert Island Dozen." I think I was 14 years old when he popped the cassette into his rickidy old car driving down Telegraph Ave in Berkeley...bong! Anyway, back to the tune, which is 'Werewolves Of London' by Warren Zevon from his album "Excitable Boy" released in 1978. This tune was also covered a few times, by the likes of Magnolia Electric Co., Adam Sandler, and The Grateful Dead.

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


These guys are cool. UpsideDownStupidHat was the first homeboy to play this for me, and he was right, they are great.

INVASION (myspace)
///From London Town of the United Kingdom
///3 piece including 2 women (vocals and drums)
///Crazy Polish Kids!

Invasion - Red Dawn
Invasion - The Uplink Is Down

There is no future for the band, they are going to break up, but shit...this stuff buddy played drums on the recording before he quit because they are "crazy".

Enjoy, its fun.

NEW Flyer for my DJ night

I think this suits me more. The artist here's name is Sam Kemp, check him out at and vote for him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


New Section "JUST THINK ABOUT IT". Hey dudes and dudettes...use your brain man!

I kind of liked the Dead Kennedys, they were funny...the sound was cool...but I don't like stinky punks, and when I was in middle school...the dudes the wore the famous Dead Kennedys logo shirts were totally stinky. All Music Guide called their song 'Holiday In Cambodia,' "possibly the most successful single in the American hardcore scene." From the Dead Kennedys, easily the most influential person in the band and probably San Francisco Hardcore Scene was Jello Biafra (wiki read it). What I DO like about Jello Biafra very much is his SPOKEN WORD albums. He is a very intelligent man who has always been political and is very sharp on what's going on....oh, and he hates EVERYONE.

Quick Facts on Mr. Biafra
///Ran for Mayor of San Francisco in 1979 as a prank, platform included all business men working in downtown had to wear clown suits (haha), but also Policemen were had to be voted into service every 4 years by citizens, and no cars in the city (horrible pollution in that time). He got 3.5% of the votes and came in 4th place out of a field of 10.
///Was brought to trial by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) in which they sited his music as dangerous (along with Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, etc) and was aquitted. This was a huge reason for Tipper Gore calling for censorship of music which Jello oposed.
///Has released 8 spoken word albums since 1987 on his Alternative Tentacles label, which are all quite interseted and worth checking out (mp3 avail on Alt Tent site).

Jello is a smart man, he is radical, he is a punk, some of the stuff is out there, but he uses fact to incite his arguments. so....


Instead of going all crazy about Iraq/War/Oil/Bush....this peice of his talks about how POT (marijuana) is actually a quite useful plant and how the government and corporations basically were fueld by money and racism to make growing hemp and pot illegal in the late 30's, when in reality there are many many positive things we can get from a hemp plant (besides the munchies).
P.S. I'm not a stoner at all, but this is just really interesting MANNNNNNNN!

Jello Biafra - Grow More Pot (1991)

I DJ on Friday

I DJ on Thursday...woohoo

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

DJ Music??? JOKES

Monday, December 11, 2006

San Diego Scene Band: Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party (myspace)

Once again, Catdirt (blog: is on this one first. He did their first press piece, did their first headlining show, and now the band has gone on to open up for bands like YYY's, The Elected, and more.
Quick Facts Because I Have A Day Job:
///Trio (Drums, Guitar, Bass)
///Extreme Bonus: Female Drummer who is also the only singer!
///Slated for next National band out of San Diego, CA
///Moved from San Francisco to "get the band together"
///LOCALS ONLY: Playing Friday at the Echo with The Blood Arm and MANIC

Check it out:
DEMO ALERT *don't expect Rick Rubin's magic hand
Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son
Grand Ole Party - INSANE
Grand Ole Party - Turn On Burn On

Subtle is really good!

Okay, I am a member of Church of Amoeba Records, so I know about Dax Pierson (member of Subtle, severly injured in a tour bus accident last year, Subtle is his band, which is made up of some bay area heavy-hitters in the Indie Hip Hop scene. Doseone (Mush Records, solo artist, anticon., also in cLOUDDEAD), Jel (anticon., solo artist, i'm sure a lot more), and more research it. This year they released "For Hero: For Fool" (pitchfork tally: 8.0, review) was released on the soft this year and its REALLY GOOD.
It's "experimental" weird and very Doseone-esque (i.e. WTF is going on), but this album's a band (a sextet) coming together to make it work.

Here are some tunes, let me know what you think...

Subtle - Middleclass Stomp
Subtle - The Mercury Craze *dj-able
Subtle - A Tale Of Apes, Pt. 1

If you dig this, research MUSH/Doseone/Jel/Anticon./Lex Records/cLOUDDEAD. It is a really solid scene that continues to thrive and grow.

Weekender: complete

Friday = San Diego, CA
Saturday = Las Vegas, NV
Sunday = Los Angeles, CA (aka home)

Good times, I won $58 in quarter roulette at the amazingly po-dunk El Cortez which is always a pleasure as I suck at gambling. I didn't stay there though, that shit would kill you! I was at the Golden Nugget, pretty okay. Myself, catdirt, and "catdirt wife" accompanied Fifty On Their Heels (winner Best Punk Band at the 2006 San Diego Music Awards) to Las Vegas for their show with Ratatat (note: they are mean hipsters). They also played the "Golden Hill Block Party Rerun" at the Casbah on friday which was awesome. Definitely check out CatDirtSez for a full professional recap.

Now I will drop some music.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


What the fuck?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Old School Pt. 2: Lost Gem of Houston

Right now I was digging through my old mixes, and I found this little sucker. It was a hit perhaps back in like '98, but a Houston Hustler named Lil' Troy wiki. It goes by the name of "I Wanna Be A Baller". Dig it, its wonderful.

Lil' Troy - Wanna Be A Baller

Man, I can't wait to tell my kids about, back in my day we used to do mixtapes and burn mix cds....they are just going to go to some website that has every MP3 and a story behind it....if you think about's rather ingenious. Imagine researching band being able to download Warren Zevon's "Warewolves In London" and listen why they read the story.

A Band That Never Was

A while back my friend told me of a band she knew in Seattle, WA called The Bats of Belfry (myspace/bandsite). I went to the myspace and just loved the tunes. It was like a 60's Stoner Jam with enough sensibility to make it big in this day and age. A few weeks after talking to them a bit about joining the sac (my day job SESAC), the songs vanished without a trace, and so did correspondance. Oh well, bummer. Later on they posted a coded bulletin that pretty much stated the band had split, TOTAL BUMMER. Fuckin bands, this year a ton of bands have split up, especially talented ones who write good songs. And writing good songs is easily the hardest part of being in a band, wtf?!?! I think it has to do with the generation these kids in new bands come from, something wrong with it. Too volatile and ALL scenes are dead in the water, nobody belongs to anybody. Junky kids don't have creativity anymore, the market is flooded with art school grads, and perhaps life is just easier these days. Well, that is my rant, the good think about The Bats Of Belfry is even in their death, I got all their 3 songs, woo hoo. I'll def spin them on my Little Radio soiree upon it's arrival.

The Bats Of Belfry - Kremlins *the track
The Bats Of Belfry - Tumble Down
The Bats Of Belfry - Marigold

hEL-P the word

Wowsa, mark my words. El-P's 2007 release "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" is an absolute masterpiece and will top the "Best of 2007" lists. He worked with Trent Reznor, Cat Power, TV on the Radio, The Mars Volta, and a few other guys I forgot about when he told me. By far my favorite tracks (which I don't want to name as this album is so far out), are the TV On The Radio track the Trent Reznor track. Pressing play is opening up pandora's box and it doesn't dissapoint. I am not a big fan of the "back-pack" rap, or white rap scene whatever, but I respect producers and I like lyrics (especially political ones). El-P delivers, he must have been frustrated with music, life, and the state of living in america because this album is fierce. A kind of fiercness that only comes from a lovely stressor or opressor. Once I can, I will post "the single" or better yet, once my Little Radio show starts up (def soon), I'll try and have El-P give me some words of his own.

-------ON AN INDUSTRY NOTE-------
This is a promo copy which I got from my NY counterpart, Ms. Jamie Dominguez (boo yah, myspace her) and every like 2 minutes the recording level goes down and it says "This Promo Copy Belongs to Jamie Dominguez" WOW, the future, I mean nobody is going to leak that shit...and if they do it will piss everybody off because it chimes in, but you get the gyst of the album. And before you ask, I got it because she is NY, and I am LA, together we are the SESAC heat for the hip shit and are really one person.

-------ON ANOTHER NOTE-------
My Friend Cesar Beat Cancer after 7 Months, that is just amazing. He kept a positive attitude and waved goodbye to the parasite. Myself and El-P congratulate you.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Kiss The Skull

'I should be able to kill somebody if they fuck with me' - DANZIG

In case you don't know, I LOVE Danzig (not heart, love). Misfits killed it, Samhain whatever (Brian Baker rules), and Danzig solo is lucifer's gift to my ears. I have seen Danzig tons of times, and everytime I show up late (until right before he goes on), I kick smelly punks out of my seats (he plays sitters now), and I am wearing a white shirt (whilst everyone else wears black). Everybody stares at me and then he goes on and I belt out every single lyric (even from his new shit...yeah, I love him). He always opens with "Skincarver," off his last album Circle of Snakes which I believe was recorded in his backyard (production quality = 0). You have to love the subject matter though, and the songs are solid as hell.
I have stood by Danzig for years, everybody always sends me the clip oh him getting knocked out in AZ, and it pains me. His comment (above) was stated after the truck with all his equiptment was stolen after his Wiltern show last week, bummer. Danzig is one person I have always wanted to me, but never wanted to meet. I say that because whenever I speak to people who know him or are connected to him they tell how he is the biggest asshole in the world. That shit bums me out, I wish he could take the piss out of himself, but he can't. I saw him walking into Rob Zombie, and I had my camera, but he was walking way to fast with a half-clothed asian woman that had about 2 feet on him...marvelous. I have driven by his house (Rodney and Hillhurst) at least 50 times and I will continue to whenever I'm in Los Feliz hoping to catch a glimpse of greatness. Always a good time, always Danzig.

That is all, I'm not going to bother with an MP3, no one will listen anyway...unless maybe it's "Mother". Danzig is forever in my heart.


Who Doesn't Want This Shit For The Holidays???

On the subject of weird toys... what the fuck is up with this

Red is Peter as Peter is Red

Red Hunter aka Peter and the Wolf (myspace) is a nomad. He sort of resides in Austin, TX...he has family in San Diego, CA...and he is on his way to living in Los Angeles for a month when he records ANOTHER new album. I say ANOTHER, because he just finished Lightness, which came out Oct 31st on Workers Institute. The guy doesn't stop and he plays by his own rules (I like saying that). He tours at least half of the year, and will be coming to a town near you if you pay attention. Check it out...

Peter And The Wolf - The Apple Tree
Peter And The Wolf - The Bonsai Tree
Peter And The Wolf - Safe Travels

Monday, December 04, 2006


This song had its splash back in 2002, sadly only in the UK. And what is even more sad is that nothing ever compared to this song from the artist. Perhaps a young man stumbled onto something for a minute, but decided to go a different route that eventually shortened his career. I'm talking about Martin Grech, and his song (and album) "Open Heart Zoo". It sounds like a dark carnival and gained success when Lexus released their creepy new SUV back in the day and used the tune in the UK. A really good song which he wrote and released when he was 17 or 18 years old which I present to you on a fine Monday morning. Maybe this was a bigger hit in the UK than I make it sound, but back in 2002 there wasn't any bloggers or shit like that, so there was still some mystery of what's going on in jolly old England. Enjoy.

Martin Grech - Open Heart Zoo

Friday, December 01, 2006


Here is a buzzing track. Hard to find online, but Palms Out Sounds was nice enough to bring it to their Sunday Remix post.

DJ Mehdi is making waves, Ed Bangers, French, etc. Kavinsky is still my number 1, but the french electro scene has really offered up some winners this year. Justice, SebastiAn, and i guess Mr Oizo (although i'm not that impressed yet)....I guess Simian Mobile Disco counts as well, although they aren't French, but did "We Are Your Friends" mix with Justice out of France. Also in France, you must never forget the amazing Sebastian Tellier, perhaps I will post a few pictures of him from my trip over to the U. Kizzle once I figure out how to get them off my camera.

DJ Mehdi Remix of "In Case We Die" by Architecture in Helsinki

It's definitely a winner...when is Kavinsky going to start dropping the remix love?

Learn about France

Who doesn't love: STONER METAL

So as I was browsing IODA Promonet yesterday, I stumbled upon the Tee Pee records label site which offers up some good stuff. Whilst browsing I found a "download only" track from the bay areas incredible SLEEP! It's a single for Dopesmoker.Check the wiki for a good write-up. After Sleep went to sleep, Matt Pike formed HIGH ON FIRE, who's 2005 release "Blessed Black Wings" made it all the way to #2 on my Top 20 of 2005 list, yeah, it's that good. Steve Albini produced it, and even though I didn't have a metal year, it was at a level that most artists, regardless of genre, can't compete with.


Download "Dopesmoker" (mp3)
from "Dopesmoker"
by Sleep
Tee Pee Records

Down the road, in Palm Desert, CA another Stoner Metal scene developed from the dusty dry heat that is ever abundant in the land. I'm sure everybody is familiar with Queens of the Stone Age, but before there was QOTSA, there was KYUSS. Hit the wiki. Here are the first 2 tracks from "Blues From The Red Sun" which I used to always put on when I was cleaning my old apartment for some reason?!?!

Kyuss - Thumb
Kyuss - Green Machine

Also check out, the first Queens of the Stone Age album, High On Fire - Blessed Black Wings (obv), and get ripped and forget what you just listened to.