Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Okay, Produced by Jim O'Rourke (Wilco - A Ghost Is Born, Sonic Youth), Engineered by Steve Albini (Metal! Shellac!...schwing!), String Arrangements by Van Dyke Parks (SMiLE - Beach Boys/Brian Wilson), plus backing Vocals by Bill Callahan (Smog). Upon finding this information I said, "God Damn, I could sing on this album and it would be amazing." I am in fact talking about Joanna Newsom's Ys album, which was released on Drag City last week. I was trying to find this record (without driving to Amoeba) and had no luck, so I cheated and went to Hype Machine, where all the 5 tracks can be found in a quick minute (proof). It is an Opus, and I had all intention on buying the hardcopy, UNTIL........I listened to it!


WTF? I admit at times I am swayed by the big rubber Pitchfork dicks(review 9.4), I even bought that Kallikak Family shit which they said was like Eno and made "Best New Music," and that shit was horrible! Most of the time I disagree, but if they give an album an amazing review then I usually check it out. Other times I disagree, I really dig the Damien Rice album, which they gave a 1.9...sorry it didn't come out on Arts+Crafts you assholes. The song "9 Crimes" earns that album at least a 6.0 in my book.

Well back to the subject....I don't hate the Joanna Newsom album, I like everything up to the point where she opens her mouth, kind of like the girls I went to college with. The lyrical content reminds me of the stoners in Brightblack Morning Light, and her vocals sometimes go into a bad Bjork moment, or in a state where you feel a yodel coming on. The album is quite unique, flawless instrumentation and production, but not my cup of tea.

I'm not going to bother posting an MP3, go to the Hype Machine link above and delve into the nonsense. Here is the Drag City Album Info page to guide you in your thievery.(link)