Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Band: Castledoor

Last night I ventured over to probably my least favorite LA venue that I attend frequently, The Knitting Factory. It's in a strip mall which is finally being redone, hopefully something cool like a Swingers cafe will pop up or just not The Hollywood Free Museum. I went to represent for my friends at Tin Panda. The line-up was The Parsons RedHeads, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Petes, Castledoor, and The Little Heroes...not bad for a Monday night residency deal.

A band caught my ears, called Castledoor (www.myspace.com/castledoormusic). They looked too hip for their own good, including a female keyboardist/stand-arounder that could have been Brian Jones' girlfriend. But what caught me was a song called "Magnetic Forces" that was really quite good. The singer is good, solid voice, good stage action, and looks the part. Check it out, more new music to come, and a solid recap of my travels pending I have 2 hours of freetime.

Castledoor - Magnetic Forces