Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Leaning Tower of Tower

Tower Records is going under, bummer. Tower was known as a "big-indie" store, kind of like Matador Records is a "big-indie label." At Tower you would get all those super Imports for $30, or you could always find that Richard Hell album that nobody wanted for $17.99. The worst thing about Tower going under is that there is one a block away from my office, and I am a CD addict, I buy on average 500 CD's a year i'm sure of it, and BUY, not get for free...I get about 700 CD's a year for free (lots I give away of bring to Amoeba for trade-in value). If you don't support the business you work in, then don't expect it to be around much longer. I buy tons of New Releases as well, because lord knows Soundscan decides careers.

Today the special was %60 off...hot damn, that is a lot of money, take a CD price, cut it in half, and then some! There is one artist that I never really got into, regardless of hype/blog love/pitchfork reviews/press, and that artist is CALEXICO. For some reason the only thing that comes to mind when I think of them is a bunch of Mexicans playing shit like "Dark Night" by the Blasters. ***If I could find this song to post I would, it was featured in From Dusk Til Dawn and its amazing, look it up*** I think of Mexicans because Calexico, CA is on the Califonia/Mexico border hence CALEXICO...California-Mexico, but I'm sure you got that.

Calexico, CA funfacts:
*The City is ranked 3rd in the Nation in Teen Pregnancies with 17.3% of Women aged 14-18
*122 Miles East of San Diego, CA on the Califonia-Mexican Border
*The city itself takes up about 6.2 square miles
*Founded in 1900 as a tent city, but now has a population of around 27,000 people.

all the careless info you could ever want via wiki

Well, anyway, Calexico aren't even Californians, they are from Arizona, and they have a pretty cool sound. Sometimes they play off the Mexicali vibe, and I love that shit. Like Union Station back in the day, California is the best state in the west. The band has released a bunch of albums since '97, and the songs I like by them are the atmospheric ones, like this one from their latest effort "Garden Ruin". This is the last track on the album, which always counts as an excuse to get crazy.

Calexico - All Systems Red

Vaya Con Dios!