Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knowledge always gets the upper hand

Action: I just went to the newly opened Santa Monica Public Library for the first time to check out some books. Note: I haven't checked out a book since I was 7 years old. "they didn't have A.D.D. when I was growing up" - Robbie Williams

Reaction: I gave them my Drivers Liscense, they gave me a new library card. I went to the computer, I found the 2 books I wanted. I brought them downstairs for check out, and upon placing them on the counter, they were automatically scanned, and I swiped my ID and I got a reciept in less than 3 seconds. I even added another book because the section was exactly what I was interested in.

Realization: Knowledge gets all the perks. You don't see new developments in fucking graffiti writing or consumption of calories. The library is the place to be, they get $$$ like its going out of style, and they help everybody, even the stinky homeless. I get to say, Back in my day, the Santa Monica Public Library was all brown and wooden and it had those killer steps that little kids can fall through, and it was dark...that is what I remember most...the darkness. Defintely made in the 70's and reminded me of when I was also 7 years old walking around UCLA with my mom before they did that maximum overhaul. Which once again..Knowledge equals funding. Books definitely get precident over music...and rightfully so, check out my spelling and grammar! My dad used to say, if you want a book i'll buy it for you, consider it free, as long as you read it. I was like (and I still am like) shit dad, you should have bought me every classic CD I ever asked for, that is the knowledge I go for! That is what I am going to do for my kids...tell them any CD (or digi file, whatever) they want that came out before they were born I will buy for them. Ain't that some shit. Perhaps my father was right, but I definitely went towards the music thing...barely got out of high school on the book thing. Ah fuck it, I'm blabbing to Scott Pactor and Amy Schmalz, my 2 dedicated readers (an only ones I assume...correct me if I'm wrong in the comments sheisters).

As the year winds down, I guess I strive to get some Knowledge in before the clock strikes 2007. 2007 is going to be my year 2006 was good mind you but 2007, fuckin watch out.

Bonus...why not a sad song for you.
Darci Cash - God, You Were Amazing
love these locals...

I got into IODA promonet too, so tomorrow I will search for something good to post.