Monday, November 27, 2006

Contender for Song Of The Year

Seriously, I'm busy. Not kinda busy, like I have a million things to do and I'm going to cry busy. I want to be a blogger, like Cat Dirt Sez, but shit man, I'M DYING HERE.

Every year for the past few I always put together a solid "Best of (Year)" I do top albums, I do top singles, I do top movies, and I have a nice little guess for what is going to be huge for the next year. Well I have been thinking about it as the year winds down, and this song is certainly up there as a absolute fucking winner.

I have posted about them before, and I will post about them again...
///are from Manchester, UK
///feature members of Nylon Pylon (defunct)
///are what you get if Soulwax knocked up New Order
///are slated to play my SESAC SXSW party/showcase
///have a great live show, and are extremely nice guys

The Single is "Trash" and it is in my top songs for the year for sure, if not #1
The Whip - Trash

This is a great dance tune. I have dropped it when I have DJ'd and people don't miss a beat and keep their asses moving. It's just a great feeling. I am a fan of the beat, and this keeps it going. I could listen to this shit all day and all night and would never complain.

That is me, you are you...i'm open to your pesimistic comments.