Monday, November 27, 2006

A Classic

Sometimes you hear a song over and over and it never leaves your mind. For me, it's songs like "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies, "Sway" by The Rolling Stones, or "The Man In Me" by Bob Dylan. Whenever the first note of that song comes on, weightlessness. THEN, there are other songs...songs that are winners, but you forget about them. You hear the opening note and wham, you now are waiting for a voice or a verse to bring it all home.
This is one of those songs...
Over the weekend I was in New York, and I found myself at a bar called Great Lakes in Brooklyn, which played exceptionally good music. Lots of Joy Division/New Order, Misfits, and other winners. After a few drinks, and hours chatting it up, this tune came on.

Neil Young - Like A Hurricane

Relax. Enjoy. 8+ Minutes of a great sounding guitar and some great guitar work. Probably really good to get stoned too.