Thursday, November 30, 2006

One IODA: Tommy Guerrero

So here is my first grab from IODA comes from the Quannum Projects label out of SF. I like this Tommy G character, NOTE: he is not the wrestler that died of an OD.

From the Soil To the Soul

Download "War No More" (mp3)
from "From the Soil To the Soul"
by Tommy Guerrero
Quannum Projects

Download "Salve" (mp3)
from "From the Soil To the Soul"
by Tommy Guerrero
Quannum Projects

    Legend: Townes Van Zandt

    Townes Van Zandt (March 7, 1944 - January 1, 1997)

    I first discovered Townes about 3 years ago when I was living in New York. His haunting version of "Dead Flowers" (which the Stones made famous) was featured in the Big Lebowski and on the soundtrack, an absolute winner. From there I wanted to hear more. I remember reading about him as a dead singer-songwriter and not hearing about an untimely demise which is usually showcased. For some reason the stuff I had read neglected to reveal Townes' battle with alcoholism and drug usage that certainly took years off his life. A wonderful documentary showcases Townes' contributions to music entitled "Be Here To Love Me" released last year by Palm Pictures. Go pick it up, or I comment and I can send you a screener copy I have. It really puts it all together nicely, and it's not one of those documentaries that is painful to watch unless you are an uber-fan.

    Townes style is really basic, just a poet with an acoustic guitar, almost always very low key, small venues, and a true road dog. He is a true cult hero and a staple in the Austin music scene (with some great Austin City Limits performances). His only real "hit" was Pancho and Lefty, and became a hit because it was recorded by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard in 1983. Many artists covered his songs to their benefit, but Townes just did his own thing, I don't think it bothered him, and I'm sure he liked the extra money.

    Here a few tracks off of "Live At The Old Quarter" recorded live in Houston on July of 1973, which I really recommend picking up. Really good when you are driving up the 5 freeway and you have hours of open road.

    Townes Van Zandt - Waiting 'round To Die
    Townes Van Zandt - Pancho And Lefty
    Townes Van Zandt - Tecumseh Valley
    Townes Van Zandt - Tower Song

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    Knowledge always gets the upper hand

    Action: I just went to the newly opened Santa Monica Public Library for the first time to check out some books. Note: I haven't checked out a book since I was 7 years old. "they didn't have A.D.D. when I was growing up" - Robbie Williams

    Reaction: I gave them my Drivers Liscense, they gave me a new library card. I went to the computer, I found the 2 books I wanted. I brought them downstairs for check out, and upon placing them on the counter, they were automatically scanned, and I swiped my ID and I got a reciept in less than 3 seconds. I even added another book because the section was exactly what I was interested in.

    Realization: Knowledge gets all the perks. You don't see new developments in fucking graffiti writing or consumption of calories. The library is the place to be, they get $$$ like its going out of style, and they help everybody, even the stinky homeless. I get to say, Back in my day, the Santa Monica Public Library was all brown and wooden and it had those killer steps that little kids can fall through, and it was dark...that is what I remember most...the darkness. Defintely made in the 70's and reminded me of when I was also 7 years old walking around UCLA with my mom before they did that maximum overhaul. Which once again..Knowledge equals funding. Books definitely get precident over music...and rightfully so, check out my spelling and grammar! My dad used to say, if you want a book i'll buy it for you, consider it free, as long as you read it. I was like (and I still am like) shit dad, you should have bought me every classic CD I ever asked for, that is the knowledge I go for! That is what I am going to do for my kids...tell them any CD (or digi file, whatever) they want that came out before they were born I will buy for them. Ain't that some shit. Perhaps my father was right, but I definitely went towards the music thing...barely got out of high school on the book thing. Ah fuck it, I'm blabbing to Scott Pactor and Amy Schmalz, my 2 dedicated readers (an only ones I assume...correct me if I'm wrong in the comments sheisters).

    As the year winds down, I guess I strive to get some Knowledge in before the clock strikes 2007. 2007 is going to be my year 2006 was good mind you but 2007, fuckin watch out.

    Bonus...why not a sad song for you.
    Darci Cash - God, You Were Amazing
    love these locals...

    I got into IODA promonet too, so tomorrow I will search for something good to post.

    Remember Duckhunt?

    %are from Belgium
    %sound like Soulwax
    %are 4 young men (one of whom looks like a lady)
    %will not be coming to th US anytime soon
    %I saw at Fabric and got my electro on

    Goose - Black Gloves
    Goose - Slow Down *this songs chorus reminds me of that band Millionaire who are also from Belgium, check out their first album...great stuff

    I visited Belgium for 1 hour when I was younger, all I remember were pretty woman (fyi, I had just come from London so huge improvement) with like chocolatey skintone, and some great architecture. This was all on the way to Amsterdam, and I was bummed I didn't spend longer in time


    Okay, Produced by Jim O'Rourke (Wilco - A Ghost Is Born, Sonic Youth), Engineered by Steve Albini (Metal! Shellac!...schwing!), String Arrangements by Van Dyke Parks (SMiLE - Beach Boys/Brian Wilson), plus backing Vocals by Bill Callahan (Smog). Upon finding this information I said, "God Damn, I could sing on this album and it would be amazing." I am in fact talking about Joanna Newsom's Ys album, which was released on Drag City last week. I was trying to find this record (without driving to Amoeba) and had no luck, so I cheated and went to Hype Machine, where all the 5 tracks can be found in a quick minute (proof). It is an Opus, and I had all intention on buying the hardcopy, UNTIL........I listened to it!

    I DON'T GET IT???

    WTF? I admit at times I am swayed by the big rubber Pitchfork dicks(review 9.4), I even bought that Kallikak Family shit which they said was like Eno and made "Best New Music," and that shit was horrible! Most of the time I disagree, but if they give an album an amazing review then I usually check it out. Other times I disagree, I really dig the Damien Rice album, which they gave a 1.9...sorry it didn't come out on Arts+Crafts you assholes. The song "9 Crimes" earns that album at least a 6.0 in my book.

    Well back to the subject....I don't hate the Joanna Newsom album, I like everything up to the point where she opens her mouth, kind of like the girls I went to college with. The lyrical content reminds me of the stoners in Brightblack Morning Light, and her vocals sometimes go into a bad Bjork moment, or in a state where you feel a yodel coming on. The album is quite unique, flawless instrumentation and production, but not my cup of tea.

    I'm not going to bother posting an MP3, go to the Hype Machine link above and delve into the nonsense. Here is the Drag City Album Info page to guide you in your thievery.(link)

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Gloating In The Fantasy World

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The Piece of the Pie Fantasy League I created hasn't quite been the drama it could have been (as only a few people pay attention), but I just want to pat myself on the back about one thing. Micah Richards! Since day 1, I have had this homeboy on my team and lord has it paid off. He currently sits at #10 for points in the Defender catagory. Not shabby at all, especially seeing as this is his first year as a solid in the starting XI for the glorious Manchester City Football Club. We share the same birthday (June 24th), but the difference is this guy just turned 18 years old. Richards burst on the scene last season when he was brought during injury time in the FA Cup vs Aston Villa, a goal down, and he headed in the equaliser (see below). After that match he gained some notoriety when he was asked how it felt, the first words out of his mouth were "fucking hell". He got into a bit of trouble for that.
    I had the pleasure of seeing him in person when I was in Manchester, for the Manchester City V Middlesborough clash of the north. He played a solid game, as he has been doing so this whole season. As well, an injury time equalising volley versus Everton a few weeks back brought a tear to my boy is growing up. He recently made the starting XI for England for their bout with the Netherlands, and became the Youngest defender to start in England history (previously held by Rio Ferdinand). Bravo, even you non-football fans will soon be hearing his name. The best decision in my fantasy career!

    The Leaning Tower of Tower

    Tower Records is going under, bummer. Tower was known as a "big-indie" store, kind of like Matador Records is a "big-indie label." At Tower you would get all those super Imports for $30, or you could always find that Richard Hell album that nobody wanted for $17.99. The worst thing about Tower going under is that there is one a block away from my office, and I am a CD addict, I buy on average 500 CD's a year i'm sure of it, and BUY, not get for free...I get about 700 CD's a year for free (lots I give away of bring to Amoeba for trade-in value). If you don't support the business you work in, then don't expect it to be around much longer. I buy tons of New Releases as well, because lord knows Soundscan decides careers.

    Today the special was %60 damn, that is a lot of money, take a CD price, cut it in half, and then some! There is one artist that I never really got into, regardless of hype/blog love/pitchfork reviews/press, and that artist is CALEXICO. For some reason the only thing that comes to mind when I think of them is a bunch of Mexicans playing shit like "Dark Night" by the Blasters. ***If I could find this song to post I would, it was featured in From Dusk Til Dawn and its amazing, look it up*** I think of Mexicans because Calexico, CA is on the Califonia/Mexico border hence CALEXICO...California-Mexico, but I'm sure you got that.

    Calexico, CA funfacts:
    *The City is ranked 3rd in the Nation in Teen Pregnancies with 17.3% of Women aged 14-18
    *122 Miles East of San Diego, CA on the Califonia-Mexican Border
    *The city itself takes up about 6.2 square miles
    *Founded in 1900 as a tent city, but now has a population of around 27,000 people.

    all the careless info you could ever want via wiki

    Well, anyway, Calexico aren't even Californians, they are from Arizona, and they have a pretty cool sound. Sometimes they play off the Mexicali vibe, and I love that shit. Like Union Station back in the day, California is the best state in the west. The band has released a bunch of albums since '97, and the songs I like by them are the atmospheric ones, like this one from their latest effort "Garden Ruin". This is the last track on the album, which always counts as an excuse to get crazy.

    Calexico - All Systems Red

    Vaya Con Dios!

    A Sleeper

    Indie labels put out some good records that really never meet their potential due to indie label constraints. I think this is one of them. It had its "blog buzz" for a while, and some great UK press, but it faded away as usual. As the year winds down, these 2 tracks stick with me. Think Fleetwood Mac with a feather in your's Denton, TX's MIDLAKE.

    Midlake - Roscoe
    Midlake - Head Home

    2 good tunes that are indie-emo. The album is Trials Of Van Occupanther, and it came out on Bella Union earlier this year. Buy it at insound. A great stocking stuffer.

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    A Classic

    Sometimes you hear a song over and over and it never leaves your mind. For me, it's songs like "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies, "Sway" by The Rolling Stones, or "The Man In Me" by Bob Dylan. Whenever the first note of that song comes on, weightlessness. THEN, there are other songs...songs that are winners, but you forget about them. You hear the opening note and wham, you now are waiting for a voice or a verse to bring it all home.
    This is one of those songs...
    Over the weekend I was in New York, and I found myself at a bar called Great Lakes in Brooklyn, which played exceptionally good music. Lots of Joy Division/New Order, Misfits, and other winners. After a few drinks, and hours chatting it up, this tune came on.

    Neil Young - Like A Hurricane

    Relax. Enjoy. 8+ Minutes of a great sounding guitar and some great guitar work. Probably really good to get stoned too.

    Contender for Song Of The Year

    Seriously, I'm busy. Not kinda busy, like I have a million things to do and I'm going to cry busy. I want to be a blogger, like Cat Dirt Sez, but shit man, I'M DYING HERE.

    Every year for the past few I always put together a solid "Best of (Year)" I do top albums, I do top singles, I do top movies, and I have a nice little guess for what is going to be huge for the next year. Well I have been thinking about it as the year winds down, and this song is certainly up there as a absolute fucking winner.

    I have posted about them before, and I will post about them again...
    ///are from Manchester, UK
    ///feature members of Nylon Pylon (defunct)
    ///are what you get if Soulwax knocked up New Order
    ///are slated to play my SESAC SXSW party/showcase
    ///have a great live show, and are extremely nice guys

    The Single is "Trash" and it is in my top songs for the year for sure, if not #1
    The Whip - Trash

    This is a great dance tune. I have dropped it when I have DJ'd and people don't miss a beat and keep their asses moving. It's just a great feeling. I am a fan of the beat, and this keeps it going. I could listen to this shit all day and all night and would never complain.

    That is me, you are you...i'm open to your pesimistic comments.

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    New Band: Castledoor

    Last night I ventured over to probably my least favorite LA venue that I attend frequently, The Knitting Factory. It's in a strip mall which is finally being redone, hopefully something cool like a Swingers cafe will pop up or just not The Hollywood Free Museum. I went to represent for my friends at Tin Panda. The line-up was The Parsons RedHeads, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, The Petes, Castledoor, and The Little Heroes...not bad for a Monday night residency deal.

    A band caught my ears, called Castledoor ( They looked too hip for their own good, including a female keyboardist/stand-arounder that could have been Brian Jones' girlfriend. But what caught me was a song called "Magnetic Forces" that was really quite good. The singer is good, solid voice, good stage action, and looks the part. Check it out, more new music to come, and a solid recap of my travels pending I have 2 hours of freetime.

    Castledoor - Magnetic Forces

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Back And Lively

    Back from my 3 week trip to LONDON/MANCHESTER/NEW YORK/NASHVILLE.

    Brought back a good amount of music and got to see a few great bands along the way. I will be updating you all very soon.