Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm Sirius

So I just got Sirius Satellite Radio and after 4 days of tech problems, I finally got the bloody thing working. So far this morning I listed to 3 hours of Football Chatter (thank god for that), and some BBC radio 1. Other than that, I popped into the "College/Alt Rock" channel and although heard a little Jose Gonzales "Lovestain" it turned into some shit I never want to listen to ever in my life. And then the Watson Twins followed...bummer. Anyway, although it doesn't work at my apartment, due to shite reception, my office seems to hold up okay with only a few blips here and there. The phrase "Acquiring Signal" is my arch nemisis.

Too lazy to post about music so head over to Upside Down Stupid Hat for some good tunes I approve of. (Look to the right for the link). Bat For Lashes is amazing, absolutely brilliant as Charlie would say.

Here are some links of stuff I'm working with:
The Zico Chain (London, UK)
Goes Cube (New York, NY)
Favourite Sons (Brooklyn, NY

As well, I bought the 4CD UNKLE Box Set at Amoeba, and my lord it's good looking. Haven't gotten through it yet, as it is all mainly Reign remixes, but sexy hot pink packaging. Buy it, it's under 20 bucks. As well James Lavelle is spinning in LA next week, that should be nice, especially because it is on the same block as my office!

Enjoy le weekend.