Saturday, August 05, 2006

You have never heard this band...

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Slow down...the album came out in 2003, its not new so hipness factor drops down a few notches. The band is Future Kings Of Spain hailing from Dublin, Ireland. I picked up this album at Virgin Union Square a few years back in the amazing Imports department. It was featured in a listening station and the first track is a loud screaming track with some pretty amazing vocals, which I wouldn't count on live. Then tracks 2-8 come in and it mellows out quickly with sounds remniscent of The Thrills and Idlewild. At times the vocals are dying and painful but it sounds good. To my knowledge the band never made it across the pond sadly, but I still play this album now and again and people dig it. Here are a good amount of tracks from it.

1. A Place For Everything
2. Your Starlight
3. Venitian Blinds
4. Hanging Around
5. One Look
6. Simple Fact
7. Meanest Sound
8. So Wrong
9. Face I Know
10. Traps
11. Upside Down

(c) 2003 The Red Flag Recording Company (Based in the UK)
label website (more MP3's via label)
band myspace (2 new songs)
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Alas, the band has recorded in Malta and is going to release their sophmore album "sometime in 2006," it seems they have an issue with their record company.


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