Thursday, August 10, 2006

Indie: Jim Noir

You know who I am talking about...
You may not know, but you if you have seen the Nike (+10) Campaign around the world cup with the little boy picking his all-star team for a pickup game featuring Michel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer, Zidane, Robben, Lampard, Kahn, Defoe, Ballack, and more then you have heard the song. "...If you don't give my football back i'm gonna get my dad on you..." Anyway, the guys name is Jim Noir, and his album is actually quite good. It came out on Barsuk in the US last week and I really recommend it. It's a poppy "happy" Beach Boys/Beatles style, self produced deal.

Eanie Meany (the football jingle)
Computer Song
My Patch