Thursday, August 10, 2006

Indie: Jim Noir

You know who I am talking about...
You may not know, but you if you have seen the Nike (+10) Campaign around the world cup with the little boy picking his all-star team for a pickup game featuring Michel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer, Zidane, Robben, Lampard, Kahn, Defoe, Ballack, and more then you have heard the song. "...If you don't give my football back i'm gonna get my dad on you..." Anyway, the guys name is Jim Noir, and his album is actually quite good. It came out on Barsuk in the US last week and I really recommend it. It's a poppy "happy" Beach Boys/Beatles style, self produced deal.

Eanie Meany (the football jingle)
Computer Song
My Patch


Who doesn't love this man?

He has a new swanky single, it is very different...check it.

Robbie Williams - Rudebox expired

Update:The Video Below.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last Night: Cold War Kids

Yeah, I'm late on this one. I heard the music a long time ago but it didn't grasp me. Now after seeing them open last night for the Editors at the Avalon I am a fan. The band has a very interesting sound with some solid bass lines, mixes Jeff Buckley with a New Orleans brass band vibe and nothing "straight-ahead." The band just completed a move to Downtown Records (home of Gnarls and Art Brut). Here are tracks for you.

Cold War Kids - Hair Down
Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds


Monday, August 07, 2006


I made a mix this weekend using Garageband and Mp3's, kinda fun. Maybe it will turn into a podcast if I can figure it out, but for now here it is.

Mixtape 1

Beirut - After The Curtain/DeVotchka - How It Ends/Kreidler - Circulus/Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle/Brian Eno - The Big Ship/Ellen Allien & Apparat - Leave Me Alone/Broken Spindles - Induction/Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Enjoy it, it's mellow.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

You have never heard this band...

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Slow down...the album came out in 2003, its not new so hipness factor drops down a few notches. The band is Future Kings Of Spain hailing from Dublin, Ireland. I picked up this album at Virgin Union Square a few years back in the amazing Imports department. It was featured in a listening station and the first track is a loud screaming track with some pretty amazing vocals, which I wouldn't count on live. Then tracks 2-8 come in and it mellows out quickly with sounds remniscent of The Thrills and Idlewild. At times the vocals are dying and painful but it sounds good. To my knowledge the band never made it across the pond sadly, but I still play this album now and again and people dig it. Here are a good amount of tracks from it.

1. A Place For Everything
2. Your Starlight
3. Venitian Blinds
4. Hanging Around
5. One Look
6. Simple Fact
7. Meanest Sound
8. So Wrong
9. Face I Know
10. Traps
11. Upside Down

(c) 2003 The Red Flag Recording Company (Based in the UK)
label website (more MP3's via label)
band myspace (2 new songs)
band site (under construction)

Alas, the band has recorded in Malta and is going to release their sophmore album "sometime in 2006," it seems they have an issue with their record company.


Football related: Ribery Alert!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Total Football post

Ok, I got a bone to pick...

As I have read the football news everyday for the past 3 years, I pick up on information. Like for instance, I knew Franck Ribery (my hero) signed a new 3 year deal with Marseille MONTHS BEFORE the World Cup, which would mean he was not going anywhere regardless of the fact he had an outstanding cup. As well, he barely made the squad, the French press demanded it and if not for a small injury to Florent Malouda at the beginning of the tournament he would not have seen a minute, but so it goes.

And because I read the news I have noticed error in reporting transfers, and it is pissing me off...

"...joined (new club name) from (old club name) in June 2006 following an impressive World Cup campaign in Germany."

Ok, calling Bullshit on this one!

Tomas Rosicky (Transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Arsenal) and Oguchi Onyewu (from Standard Leige to Middlesborough *now botched) have both been mentioned in this respect.

Well, June 9th was the first day of Germany 2006 and the final day being July 9th. In between those periods, there were absolutely no talks between players and Football Clubs. Every player was focused on one thing, their country and winning the cup. If they were not, they would have been killed by their countrymen.

Firstly, it would be impossible to sign in June 2006 "after an impressive World Cup," it ended in July!

But most importantly you need to understand a few things about Football clubs, they have scouts everywhere and are a lot smarter than you think. Arsenal signed Tomas Rosicky on May 23rd, 2006 (article) before the World Cup knowing that he was an amazing player and if they didn't sign him before hand well tons of clubs would want him and the price would go up. I think most Americans remember that screaming shot he put in for the Czechs second goal that was the beginning of the end for Team USA in Germany.

With Oguchi Onyewu, everybody knew that Middlesborough was all about him before the World Cup, the dumb American announcers (minus hooligan Shep Messing) all spoke of it as a done deal. Well the problem was contract negotiations and that kept him in Belgium, nothing to do with his mediocre performance at the World Cup. The dude is just huge and he fouls like he plays for the Italian side.

Other situations similar are Didier Zokora who was transfered from St Etienne to Tottenham Hotspurs, although his pen hit paper at the beginning of July, although it was a done deal end of May. As well in Germany Lukas Podolski the young striker (an winnder of World Cup Best Young Player award) joined Bayern Munich from FC Koln before the cup.

Sure the World Cup is a place to shine, look at 2002 for instance, El-Hadji Diouf from Senegal got a nice Liverpool contract after a great performance but failed to keep his attitude in check and is now barely holding a substitute role at Bolton. Liverpool aslo picked up Salif Diao (also fron Senegal) after World Cup 2002.

More recenlty and true to the quote above are players like Pascal Zuberbeuhler of Switzerland who had an amazing tournament and went from FC Basel to West Bromwich Albion. Shaka Hislop, the solid keeper from Trinidad & Tobago from West Ham to FC Dallas. Pablo Aimar left Valencia for Real Zaragoza and his price went up after Argentina's strong performance.

With a season of Club Football ahead of us, and the the transfer window close looming, expect a few more rattles from some big clubs. My hopes are that Man City does something, Shaun Wright-Phillips goes out on Loan, Portsmouth finally sign one of their rumored targets, and Newcastle add a striker so Ameobi isn't their "go to guy" while Owen is broken.

Everything Is Illumated was originally a novel by author Jonathan Safran Foer. In 2005 it was made into a movie directed by Liev Schreiber and starring Elijah Wood. I am usually not a fan of Elijah Wood, but shit, I liked Green Street Hooligans and Lord of the Rings was the bomb. He was shitty in Radio Flyer though....yeah. Anyway, I saw this movie last night and I highly recommend it. The direction is wonderful, and at many times Alex (played by Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz) is funny as shit.

As well the movie features some great "eastern bloc" music, here are some samples:

DeVotchka - How It Ends (featured in trailer)
Paul Cantelon - Prologue: Babushka
Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple (great live by the way)

As a bonus, after the film a lot of the music reminded me of the band Beirut. If you have yet to pick up their album and you are of Ukranian/Lithuanian/Russian descent as I am, well check it out. Yeah, my first kid is going to be named Andriy, what.

Beirut - After The Curtain

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blips and Blops

Back in 1993, an EP arose from an Austrian duo that changed the face of electronic music. That EP was "G-Stoned" by Kruder & Dorfmesiter, the album cover is quite memorable as well. Check out half the tracks right here...

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Deep Shit Pt 1 & 2
High Noon
Original Bedroom Rockers

Fast forward over 10 years and we have a collection from Richard D James that featured tracks from his "vinyl only" (ummmmm) series Analord. I happened to pick up Analord 3 which featured both these tracks. If you are into it, pick up "Chosen Lords" at indie record shops around the world.

Boxing Day

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kickin it Old School

Brian Baker left Minor Threat and went on to form Dag Nasty as well as Samhain with Danzig. Ace in my book.

Circles (from Canisay)
The Godfather (from Wig Out At Denko's)

During the few times that I have Disc Jockey'd with use of Vinyl I have always played these 2 tracks back to back and it has worked quite nicely. But beware the songs are right on the 3 minute mark so hurry hurry with your next selection...

The Buzzcocks - Harmony In My Head
Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation

Finally a great track from J Mascis' post Dinosaur Jr solo project...

(dude on the left...)

J Mascis + The Fog - Sameday

As you can tell, I'm down with some noise right now...blame Teenage Talking Cars

Battle Real

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Gravesen (Denmark) Vs. Robinho (Brazil) but both or Real Madrid
Gravesen = 6'0 / 165 pounds / 30 Years Old
Robinho = 5'7 / 136 pounds / 22 Years Old

Perhaps they had a "language barrier" issue, Danish Vs. Portuguese, I never have understood how football players communicate on teams that have players from so many different countries. Anyway, my krones (danish currency) are on Gravesen in a fight, but on the pitch Robinho is 10 times as lethal and is quickly become the next brazilian superstar whose name starts with "R." Look back in history perhaps...Ronaldo (aka Fat Ronaldo), Ronaldihno, Rivaldo, Romario, and Ribery (oh wait, he is French, but played like a Brazilian when France knocked them out of the cup). Well anyway, it signals the end for Gravesen as he has been told by Real that he should go back to England and play in the Premiership, even though he likes Madrid and likes the bench. I know a lot about football for a full blooded American, I should take that asshole Nick Webster's job, I liked him until I saw him at the Chelsea signing where he reeked of douche. Well anyway, music...

Quick Question: What is the difference between Electronic and Electronica? I am confused and I would like to know.

Monday night I was out catching the band Clayhill open for Beth Orton. They are an English 3 piece that consist of an empty handed singer, a guitarist, and an upright bassist. It was very nice and mellow, and had the KCRW/borderline-Adult Contemporary vibe. Anybody considered AC is my least favorite artist to see live, the crowd annoys me beyond belief, go to a Keane show and you will know what I am talking about. Any show where wine out sells beer (minus the Hollywood bowl of course) is not a place I want to be. You need to have either Bud Light or Stella flying off the shelves for a good/tolerable crowd. Either way Clayhill did quite well and the guys worked with Beth on her new album which made it nice that she brought them all the way to America for a full tour even though their albums are only available in the Europe. Check out the tracks below and let me know what you think.

Clayhill - Northern Soul
Clayhill - One Nerve

Thursday brings me out to my least favorite regularly attended venue in LA, The Echo. My Brightest Diamond is/are gracing the stage and I am eager to check her out. Her new album "Bring Me The Workhorse" drops August 22nd on Asthmatic Kitty and it is very good. It reminds me a little bit of Emiliana Torrini (yeah, dropping the obscure shit), Bjork, and all those random female Massive Attack vocalists. After the show at the Echo with Nick Castro and Princeton, she embarks on a full US tour opening for Sufjan Stevens...Asthmatic Kitty remember. Catch her now because that Sufjan (pronounced Soof-yawn, no Surf-John) show will sell out (if it hasn't already), and you know you don't want to be with that crowd at the Wiltern.

My Brightest Diamond - Something Of An End
My Brightest Diamond - Workhorse

Enjoy, leave comments.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Arizona From New York

A while back while "blog surfing" (catchy term right?) I stumbled upon Arizona, a band from New York. Name could use some help, I mean there is already Kansas and Texas that I know of, and I'm sure there are more state/band names. They have been around for about a year and they have a full length called "Welcome Back Dear Children" that they are working with. I'm not sure the details regarding the release although I saw it is available on itunes as of June 24th (the best day of the year). The album has many layers and the minor buzz is worth it, the band will definitely be turning heads. At this time they are only playing NY shows, but cross your fingers and check out three tracks from the album. As well, their website as it is pretty flashy, and it has a squirrel video on it that is pretty odd.

Te Amo Tanto
Diventa Blu

Proxima Estacion: The Shrine Tonight

Tonight I am quite excited to be seeing Manu Chao. Manu has come to Los Angeles twice, first with his old band Mano Negra in the mid 90's and the other time solo in the year 2000. In 2000 He played the Palace (now Avalon) and it was sold out and over capacity. So when I saw a few months back he was coming to play the Shrine I got my tickets the minute they went on sale. I saw a write up in the LA Weekly last week saying if you did not see Manu now you would regret it for the rest of your life, too bad it's sold out. Manu blends Latin, Rock, Reggae, Salsa, Ska and countless other genres to make his completly unique sound. His songs he sings in either Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, or Arabic. Every album flows beautifully and many songs borrow the same sounds and rhythms yet remaining original. Let's face it, dude is on some other shit. Clandestino (1998) is easily one of my favorite albums of all time and it reached world popularity (minus the US). In the summer of 2001 Manu released Proxima Estacion: Esperanza which further solidified his Worldwide (minus the US of course) superstar status. One notable thing is that these 2 albums have a permanent spot in the Amoeba Music Hollywood end-cap in the Latin section.

Here are 2 cuts from Clandestino.

Bongo Bong