Monday, July 24, 2006

You Gotta Start Somewhere...

I have fallen in love with a punky LA band called Teenage Talking Cars. Something just grabbed me. It reminds me a bit of Adolescents (especially "Pretty Dolls On Pills") with a female on vocal duties. When I lived in NYC and had lots of spare time I got my chops up on the all punk bands that I didn't know anything about (Flipper, Husker Du, and Black Flag mostly). I read that book American Hardcore (soon to be a movie) and I actually got to meet Glen E Friedman because I was wearing a sweatshirt with a FEAR patch safety-pinned to it and I got this suprised look at a show. He is amazing and I still get emails from him every now and then about something political that I need to do. Well anyway here is Teenage Talking Cars playing this Friday (July 28th) at Zamakibo downtown (some all ages BYOB venue). I'm fucking going and being old, you should come to, but nobody reads this.