Thursday, July 27, 2006

What I Need: Good Head...shots

Yes, my new job requires I get a headshot for a press release...shit. I am about as photogenic as big foot. Not stoked. Although I do it once and I will then wait 15 years to get another one so I look young forever, like Drama from Entourage. Do I shave, do I get a haircut, oh the possibilities?!?!

Ok music. Two up and coming solo artists worth checking out

Jaymay is a songstress with a guitar from New York City. She idolizes Bob Dylan, is witty, and has the big bloggers amazed by her talent (check out hypemachine for proof). Expect big things from her soon as everybody and their mother have been interested in working/signing/publishing her.

Jaymay-Sea Green, See Blue

The Gray Kid is a rapper/producer/songwriter/singer from Los Angeles. He is about to start a residency at the Plush room at the Key Club and has the indie kids buzzing. His blog is funny as shit too you can check that out here.

The Gray Kid - Lonely Love