Monday, July 31, 2006

Loving the Locals

Friday night I headed downtown to a new venue I had never heard of called Zamakibo to see Teenage Talking Cars (see previous post). I was very inticed to see them live, as their EP is 5 songs and 8 minutes long...that is sexy. The venue itself was not much of anything, it was a mix between a Studio apartment and a garage, 4 corners total with some pretty weird furniture and no bathroom, bar, or bouncer. Everyone basically waited outside in the desolate downtown area until bands went on. The second band was a no show so the third (TTC) went on at 11:30pm (with 5 bands to go)?!?! The set was 13 songs and it felt like it clocked in at 30 minutes max. Vocals were spot on and it was quite a good time. Here are 2 tracks, the band plays Part Time Punks this weekend and then notably the Fuck Yeah Fest at the end of August.

Pretty Dolls On Pills
Amnesia(not on myspace)