Friday, July 28, 2006

In Case You Missed It: Gene Clark

Gene Clark was a country rocker and one of the founding memebers of The Byrds. He left the band though before they reached their peak largely due to the fact that he had a manic fear of flying. He then relocated to Mendocino, CA and over the years some amazing solo albums that went effortlessly into obscurity. His first solo effort was entitled "White Light" and the eerie yet beautiful mysterious cover art art sums up his solo career. see above

Here are some select cuts from a few of his albums, I highly recommend picking up some of his work (if you can find it) for fans of Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young.

...from White Light (1971)
The Virgin
With Tomorrow

...from Roadmaster (1972)
One In A Hundred
Shooting Star

...from No Other (1974) *my personal favorite
Silver Raven
No Other